Compaq Storageworks 4100 won't create logical drive larger than 261116 MB.

I'm trying to create a logical drive on an array.  During the creation of a raid-5 partition, it says that the maximum size I can build is 514072 MB.  However after I create it and try to save it, it automatically shrinks it down to 261116 MB.  I have used this same array in the past to create Raid-5 514 GB drives.  What's going on, and how do I fix it?
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What OS? Is it fully patched? Is the array controller's firmware uptodate?
Others have the same problem - see Stevens comment in the thread below.

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ETM_INCAuthor Commented:
Well, it's not the answer that I wanted to hear, but I guess I'm stuck with it.  Thanks for your help!  In case anyone has this same problem, I ended up spanning the drives using Windows.  It was suggested in the link that was given here.
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