Citrix Web Interface system requiremtns

I am setting up my first Citrix installation and I have a few questions. This is a small install with less than 20 users.

I am running Presentation Server Advanced (x64 version) under Windows 2003 Server x64.

Citrix does not support running the Web Interface (nor the License Server) on an x64 platform, so I will need to install the Web Interface on a different computer running Windows 2003 32 bit version.

I am looking for advice on the preformance requirements for this server. The server that I have Presentation Server installed on is fairly beefy -- dual processor 3.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM. Will the Web Server computer need to be just as robust? It seems to me that the majority of "work" will still tak place on the Presentation Server. What does the web interface system really do, except provide an interface to execute the published apps?

I am also planning on using the Network Neighborhood Agent as the exclusive method for my user to access the published applications. Will this make any difference on the type of server I need to setup for the Web Interface?

If I have left out any information please let me know -- as I said I'm new to this so I know that I have pleanty to learn.
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Your web interface will not need to be as beefy as your dual 3.6

Since it will just be doing the web interface you can get away with something a lot less.  In fact, with only 20 users you could get away with a simple P4 in my opinion.

>> Network Neighborhood Agent

This is actually called Program Neighborhood Agent, but will not make any difference in the type of server you need.  It will require Web Interface, but no other hardware requirements.  I would recommend reading the Web Interface Admin Guide as welll as the Presentation Server x64 Guide if you haven't already.  There is a lot of info but very good detail / explanation of the features & requirements.  - web interface guide - PS 4.0 Guide

For a bare bones Web Interface Server I would say a 3.0+ P4 with 1 GB RAM.... You can certainly go more for growth but with only 20 users you won't need much more than that.  

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richard_westAuthor Commented:
Thank for the information and link, and fast repsonse.
You're welcome and good luck!

just curious why the grade of 'B'.. anything else you still need clarification on?
richard_westAuthor Commented:
mgcIT --

I'm sorry about the 'B' grade -- I meant to select A.

I have requested a moderator change this to an 'A'.

Thanks again! I'm sure I have more questions to come :-)
great thanks....  I may even have some questions for you when you get this up & running.  I've yet to use x64 edition so I'll be curious to how performance is.

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