JPG Logo in HTML Signature format being blocked.

Hey People,

We have just imrpoved the look of our email signatures by creating an HTML sig with a JPG logo attached.  The problem is that with that much spam out there some companies are blocking JPG's which blocks the email and of course the client its being blocked by has the loudest voice and wants something done about it.  Is there another way of doing this ?  

We are using Exchange 2003 sp2.

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Yes, don't put images and HTML in E-Mail.

As you've discovered, doing so makes your E-Mail more likely to be tagged as SPAM. It also really annoys us E-Mail system managers because now the E-mails you send are bloated far beyond what the text would take up. Thanks for wasting our disk space and bandwidth.

Instead of attaching an image (which people who aren't foolish enuf to use an HTML-enabled mail reader software won't see anyway), try just including a link to the image as referenced from your company website.

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I have to agree with psicop.

I have this "discussion" with marketing people about once a month at various clients.

The simple answer is... how many of the biggest email senders, both webmail and corporate senders, do you see with HTML signatures containing fancy graphics and fonts? I ask the marketing people to go through their own email and tell me how many have the graphics of the type they want to include.

The usual response that comes back, is NONE.

All email goes in plain text. Even HTML messages are actually sent across the internet in plain text.
By sticking to plain text your message can be read by the antispam filtering and will not be tagged as spam.

Even linking to graphics in email can trigger the spam filters. The graphics will usually need to be linked to the same domain that the email message is coming from to get a good chance of not being flagged.

I will often see an email message come in at 70k, I delete the graphic and it is down to 10k or less. Multiply that up and you have a lot of bloat in your server.

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