VPN via RV042 between Windows XP (client) and Network

I just got an RV042 and I cannot seem to get my external WIndows XP box to connect to it via VPN.  I thought I had done all the proper configuring but seems that it cannot even begin validation.  Yes, the box is connected, I know cuz I am using it now as a router here and it accepts port forwarding to our SMTP server.

Can someone layout, precisely, the configuration steps to get the RV042 to work with windows XP vpn client?

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Are you trying to connect to the RV042 with the XP VPN client or to a Windows VPN server behind the RV042. If you are trying to do the former, connect to the RV042, I would recommend using the Linksys QuickVPN client. Much easier to configure and uses IPSec protocol rather than the PPTP which is less secure. You can download for free from (last download on the page):

Please advise as to the method you wish to use and we can provide more details.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Have you had any luck Jon, would you like additional information?
jglazer63Author Commented:
I ended up using something else as the VPN endpoint (windows 2000 server) since Linksys admits that the QuickVPN client does NOT usually work with this device for some reason (gets hung on "Verifying Network").

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Glad to hear you have a solution. Actually QuickVPN seems to work quite well, but it does seem to be particular sometimes about what devices it is behind, at the remote site. Also, connecting the Windows VPN client to the RV042 can be rather difficult. Using the Windows VPN server does give you more configuration options, I agree, and it is very stable. If ever you want to try another client for the RV042, TheGreenBow makes one that is more configurable, flexible and less "flaky". It is not free but has a free 30 trial period. The one advantage to a hardware to client option is no open ports, thus maintaining better security.
GreenBow => RV042 config:

Good luck, and thanks for the update.
jglazer63Author Commented:
Tried to come up with a free solution.  The verifying network issue, I tried it (with linksys on the phone for 4 hours) on 4 different PCs including a fresh install of Windows XP and they all got hung up.  And the linksys guy finally admitted "we have seen this issue on some routers".

Ah well,
Rob WilliamsCommented:
jglazer63, if ever you want to give this a try again, I stumbled on the article below regarding using Windows IPSec configuration to connect to a different model Linksys. Linksys end should be similar. I hope to give it a try with an RV042 in the near future. Seems well written and very detailed. thought it might be of interest.
I have the same situation as initially described. I have a Linksys RV042 router hanging off a pair of DSL lines in load balance mode. I have a need to use the Windows XP built-in VPN client (remotely) and am authenticating and routing through the Windows 2000 Server behind the linksys. Here is the rundown:

 - When I place the Win2K server in the DMZ setting everything works fine.
 - When I disable the DMZ setting I get timeouts.
 - I have enabled port forwarding on the RV042 for PPTP, IPSEC, and L2TP.
 - Subsequently, port 25 is passing through (successfully) to the mail server.
 - All outgoing traffic seems fine.

 Other than setting the router to port-forward those services to the W2k server, what am I missing? This device has an integrated firewall with SPI and leads me to believe perhaps I may need to setup a rulebase or something to allow the PPTP connections. When I make such rules, they do not seem to work. I have also tested the PPTP connection with the RV042 Firewall Disabled and it still times out.

Has any more progress been made on this? Thanks!

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