FAT16 drive in Windows XP

I have a 40(42)MB (that's right, megabyte) Quantum ProDrive ELS 50 pin SCSI hard drive that I found while cleaning my house.  I used it about 8 or 10 years ago in my 386 and I wanted to pull all of my old data off of it (I had a lot of school papers and projects that I used to work on).  I THINK it was formatted FAT16 and I don't remember how many partitions it had.

Anyway, I hook it up to my WinXP machine and go to the "Add new Hardware" wizard and low and behold it sees and recognizes it as a "QUANTUM ELS42S SCSI Disk Device".  So far so good, but it didn't assign it a drive letter.

I go to Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management   and it says the following next to the drive:

Disk 1                    
Not Initialized

I am nervous to initialize it.  I don't want to erase anything on the disk.  How do I read the data and assign the drive a drive letter?  Do I need a special plugin to view a FAT16 drive in WinXP?  Please help... I really wan to retrieve this stuff... thanks!!!!!!

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Try using knoppix to copy the data off the drive. Knoppix won't write anything to the disk. You will need a fat32 partition or networked drive somewhere to which you can copy the data.


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f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
Try initializing the drive by right clicking on it and selecting initialize,you should then be able to get a drive letter or be able to give it one.
Good Luck
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