Record count not being incremented,

Public Sub DoAddnew()
        Dim bm As BindingManagerBase = Me.DataGrid1.BindingContext(Me.DataGrid1.DataSource, Me.DataGrid1.DataMember)
        Dim dr As DataRow = CType(bm.Current, DataRowView).Row
        Dim addform As New AddTransOverride(dr)
        Dim retval As DialogResult = addform.ShowDialog()
        If retval = DialogResult.OK Then
                Dim substr As String = dr.Item(4)
                If substr Is System.DBNull.Value Then
                    substr = ""
                End If
                If Not substr = "" Then
                    substr = substr.Substring(0, 2)
                End If
                ExecOnTransOverride.ins(dr.Item(1), dr.Item(2), dr.Item(3), substr, dr.Item(5), dr.Item(6), dr.Item(8), dr.Item(7), DateTime.Now, dr.Item(7), dr.Item(9))
                MsgBox("Data Inserted Successfully !", MsgBoxStyle.Information, Me.Text)
                Me.lbNumRec.Text = dv.Count.ToString()
            Catch se As SqlException
            Catch ex As Exception
            End Try
        End If

    End Sub
This is not incrementing the count label Me.lbNumRec.Text = dv.Count.ToString()
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I don't see anywhere that you either Dim or access "dv", which presumably is intended to be a DataView. I would suppose it has to be defined somewhere, or Intellisense would give you an error on the dv.Count.ToString call. But it may not be connected to your other data elements, in which case you're certainly not going to get the Count incrementing.

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mathieu_cuprykAuthor Commented:
My fault ElrondCT. I did not see it.

Sometimes a second set of eyes is all you need. We've all been there.
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