Missing .dll file for MS Exchange 5.5 Authoritative Restore

We recently purchased a company that runs Exchange 5.5.  One of the Exchange 5.5 servers crashed last Thursday.  I have a good info store backup from last Wednesday.  The problem is, when I perform the restore, I believe the second Exchange 5.5 server is replicating the info back to this server.  I just want to leave the server in the state it was in just before it crashed. I'm trying to run authrest.exe after restoring the Wednesday info store but can not find the "edbback.dll" required to perform an authoritative restore.

I have no idea who built this server since it comes from a company that we just recently purchased so I do not have the original Exchange 5.5 media.  I can not find the edbback.dll on a copy of the Exchange 5.5. media that we have onsite.  It is not located in the exchsrvr\bin directory.

Please HELP!!!!!!  I have to get this up ASAP!
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i could put the excahgne 5.5 cd on an ftp site for you to download.
presstekAuthor Commented:
So we found the edbback.dll on an old application server.  Now we're having issues running authrest.exe.  We receive the following error after running authrest.exe:

D:\exchsrvr\DSADATA>authrest 5000 5000
Doing authoritative restore, Object versi
        Extra Usn increment = 5000
Doing Recovery.
Opening database
JetAttachDatabase, first returned -1206

this must be run from \exchsrvr\bin

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presstekAuthor Commented:

We tried that first;

C:\exchsrvr\bin>authrest 10000 10000
Doing authoritative restore, Object version increment = 10000
        Extra Usn increment = 10000
Doing Recovery.
Opening database
JetInit returned -1022

We found this to mean that it couldn't find the file.  When we moved over to where the DB lives we got the 1206

well this is what the error is

-1206 0xFFFFFB4A JET_errDatabaseCorrupted non-db file or corrupted db 4294966090

might be corrupted

exhcange recovery link

presstekAuthor Commented:
It appears to be fine - can start up Exchange, no problem, directory services look good.  The problem is that the other member of the organization has bogus data in the directory - we need to stop the replication of the bad information.

do you have a Directory Replication Connector in the Connections option in Exchange Administrator?  if so ,  i would kill this.  or just set it to never for now.
presstekAuthor Commented:
That doesn't apply here because that feature is for replication between sites .... we have two servers within 1 site.  I know ... it's wrong, but as noted, we bought it!

Anyway - just got it up!  Ended up doing the following;

restored server a (w/ good DIR) and kept services stopped
On Server B (as in BROKEN!) copied out all of the log files that pertained to DIR.EDB and the DIR.EDB (and a copy of pub and priv for good measure) took an old dir.edb file and restored to server B
Crossed everything we had
Started it up and everything just worked ... it's about time!

Thank you!

can I get a copy of edbback.dll I'm running into the same issue and need to get authrest to work on Exchange 5.5 with all supporting dlls.  If you have these saved, please zip them up and send them my way.  Send to shorehost at msn dot com.  (shorehost @ MSN dot com)

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