Site Replication Questions

Site A - 2 DC's
Site B - 1 DC
Site C - 1 DC
Site D - 1 DC

Site A - DC 1 is set up for Intrasite Replication between sites B, C, D - DC 2 only replicates with DC 1

I do all AD work in Site A.  Site A is setup for Intrasite Replication 2 times an hour.  Sites B, C, D are setup for one time an hour.


1) If I make changes in A, they will only be replicated to B, C, D every 30 minutes, correct?
2) Would increasing it to every 15 minutes add too much strain?
3) How do I tell when the next replication will occur?
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it depends on the kind of changes being made, passwords and security issues will be done instantly

every 15 mins is fine depending on how much info you are replicating, the default in windows is every 15 mins, AD traffic isnt exaclt huge so 15 mins wont be to much of a drag on bandwidth

you can use tools such as replmon to monitor replication which can be downloaded from MS
"I do all AD work in Site A.  Site A is setup for Intrasite Replication 2 times an hour.  Sites B, C, D are setup for one time an hour."  

One thing you might consider, is if you have to implement a change that will effect users in Site C (for example), you can physically connect to AD Users and computers from your desk or from DC 1.  But when you go into AD Users and Computers, Right Click on the DOMAIN and Choose CONNECT TO DOMAIN CONTROLLER and choose DC3.  When you do this, you will be making the changes on thiis DC first...  So, you users in the remote site will see these changes immediately.

I recommend this, if in general your replication is fine for most purposes...but every now and again, you need to make changes that are immediately seen on the remote site. Target your changes to the remote site and you will not need to change your replication topology.

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scottvinAuthor Commented:
NJ - I knew about the connect to domain controller and do it to see if replication worked.  But I didn't even think about making the change there.

Thanks guys!
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