vb.net upgrade wizard

I've got my errors from this process down from 68 to 1...
Anyone care to help with it?? :^)

VB6.SetItemData(cboInfo(1), cboInfo(1).NewIndex, VB6.GetItemData(cboInfo(0), cboInfo(0).SelectedIndex) & x)

results in "NewIndex is not a member of System.Windows.Forms.Combobox"

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I don't know about all 68 errors, but there is no NewIndex member of a ComobBox.  I'm not familiar with what the NewIndex was used for, but if you know, then I can try and help :)

sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Pressing my memory too...lol

Original code:
With cboInfo(1)
For x = 1 to Ubound(strTasks) 'acquired from an ADO rs
  If strTasks(cboInfo(0).ItemData(cboInfo(0).ListIndex), x) <> "" Then
    .AddItem strTasks(cboInfo(0).ItemData(cboInfo(0).ListIndex), x)
    .ItemData(cboInfo(1).NewIndex) = cboInfo(0).ItemData(cboInfo(0).ListIndex) & x
  End If
Next x

The purpose was to
1) Add a category retrieved from the RS
2) Match it's ItemData property up with the indexed field of the specific record

It was so that I could retrieve what index I was working with...I prefer doing that via numerical data rather than text...

One could probably use the Tag property for a similar purpose.

Thanx for the help.  I probably won't complete the project in this manner.  I've already started it from the beginning, but was curious if I could get a moderately working version from the wizard....(I've still got 2 dozen 'warnings'... :|)
Bob LearnedCommented:
Here's a blog to help explain the difference:

A VB.Net equivalent of ComboBox.ItemData


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