How can I get the GPS location of a cell phone?


I need to find a way to use a GPS cell phone to provide me with a stream of GPS data, as the holder of the phone travels around.  Has anyone had experience with this?  Could I use a Nextel API for example, to get the GPS information?  What other ways could I get the GPS information?

Do I need to write a Java program for the handheld which sends packets containing the GPS location over the web?

I'd love to hear from you if you know anything about this.

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ba272Author Commented:
I'm using this to track delivery drivers
>>Do I need to write a Java program for the handheld which sends packets containing the GPS location over the web?

Yes.....You will need to write a program for doing this.

You can do it in two ways....

1) By sending an SMS after pre-deined Time Interval or pre-defined Distance travelled. This SMS will contain UnitID,Location Info ( Lat,Long) and Speed information.

You will require

a) A GSM Modem for your Base Station (Receiving Computer)
b) A program for your Base Station that will monitor the Serial port for incoming SMS and then add it to some database or display on the map etc.
c) A Program for your PDA's that will send SMS after some interval.

2) By sending Data Packets through GPRS. In this case you need to have a Static IP address for your computer (That will receive the Info).

You will require

a) GPRS enabled PDA as well as GPRS enabled SIM.
b) Static IP( Global IP based) Internet Connection.
c) A program in PDA that will send data packets to your static IP
d) A program on your Base Station (Computer) that will listen on some specific ports for incoming connection/data and add it to some database and display it on some map etc.

This is the basic outline of how your system can work. If you need more details please feel free to ask.....


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ba272Author Commented:

Thank you for your reply.  But I wonder if using my website as the static IP address will simplify the requirements on the base station.  I suppose using an ISP to do this would require that the ISP has a GSM modem.  I've sent a help request to my ISP to see if they offer a GSM modem.  I use Discount ASP.NET.

As far as the device goes, I was planning on using a Nextel i415, i450, i835, i855 or i875 Boost phone.  A boost phone offers pay as you go service and the name comes from the "boost" that you give it: the amount of money you add on your phone if you'd like to extend the service.  As far as using a GPRS SIM , these phones use the iDen network.  So I think what you've told me does not apply, right?

As far as the program listening to a specific port, that will need to be an application I write, and the database end would be the easiest part.

I'd be interested in hearing from you about how the iDen network changes things.  But I'm willing to switch from Nextel, if I can't do this on iDen.  What do you suggest?

I am sorry but I have no experience what so ever with Nextel or iDen.....

ba272Author Commented:
That's okay.  Your explanation of GPRS was excellent.  And there are a lot more companies that provide GPRS than iDen.

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