ASP.NET Web Service with Image file as input - Flash Remoting

Is it possible for an ASP.NET web service to take an image file created from flash as an input variable?  

I want to start looking into having our bug tracking software send the image via web service to our local machine from our clients' machine.  It would be along the lines of this:

Just curious to see if anyone has done something like this.  I've been searching on google and haven't found much on it.  

I would imagine that it would take a byte() as the input and I save that information into my file or database.
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You can do this,

Possibly you might want to accept the file as a Stream which would be easier to handle.

public void MyImageMethod(Stream MyImageStream)

I have not done images but I have used documents which I think I sent as streams...

I think this is very much possible. If you are working with framework 2.0 then use the a bit more optimized than DIME used in 1.1. You will require WSE 3.0 for MTOM.

see this link,it's quite helpful -

UnderwhelmedAuthor Commented:
jyotisinha, Unfortunately, I'm working with 1.1 and flash 7 so 2.0 is not possible.  It could be a possibility in the future, but

GavinMannion, I will test out the stream to see if it is able to take a stream as a variable.  I've got another developer working in flash (since I don't know it too well) so when he gets his part done, I can see if it works.

Any other ideas or ways that this can be done would be appreciated as well.

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UnderwhelmedAuthor Commented:
I have done some more research and I'd like to send a variable from Flash that is equivalent to a Byte() in .NET (1.1).

The flash programmer hasn't worked with this and needs to know how to code a byte() array to send to the web service.  Does anyone have any examples of this?
Look at this, not sure if you are still playing with this:
UnderwhelmedAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, I was not able to accept any of the variable types that can be sent by flash to create an image without writing more code.  Flash only allows the basic types, such as character, numbers, arrays.  

I ended up having to have the Flash programmer encode the image as text and send it over the webservice this way.
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