How to set up a HP Network printer?

I have a HP Laserjet 2100tn with a JETDIRECT 600N ethernet card.  It was working on my old laptop with printer cable, but on my new PC I don't have a connector for that, so I need to connect it via ethernet.  I plugged the printer into the router (which is a dhcp server) but I do not know if the printer is online... on the router's DHCP page I only see one active DHCP lease, and that is for this PC.  I have lost the CD and documentation that originally came with this printer, and have had no luck searching for instructions online.  How do I go about printing with this printer over the network?
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Make sure its working...
NOTE: Print a PCL configuration page to check that the HP JetDirect EIO card appears as an installed option. (Press and release the GO and JOB CANCEL buttons simultaneously when the printer is ready.)

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For a printer, it's best not to use DHCP but rather to assign a static IP address outside the range of the router's DHCP pool.  In other words, if the router is configured for a DHCP pool of 50 adddresses from, say, to, then manually and statically assign the printer to (for example) (or any 192.168.1 address outside the range of the router's DHCP pool).  The reason for this is that IP addresses assigned by DHCP are not static, but can change (for example of the router is reset, or even if devices on the network are completely unused (not even turned on) for a longer period than their DHCP "leases".  But the printer configuration in the PCs has to "know" the address of the printer, and if the printer's IP address changes, you will no longer be able to print to the printer until you reconfigure the driver.  So the standard practice is to assign the IP address manually.  On most of the HP printers, this is something you can do through the front panel of the printer, using it's menu system (there are usually other ways of doing it as well, including Telnet, but front panel configuration is usually easier).  My guess is that the printer is already setup this way, which is why it doesn't show up in the router's DHCP list.  The printer test page should show you the currently assigned IP address.

irwinpks has given you a link to the documentation.  You may also need software, which can also be downloaded from the HP web site (or you can call HP and order a replacement CD).  Good luck!!
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Watzman.. good point on static IP and quite important too.
rupertquintanaAuthor Commented:
I don't have a front panel, but I was able to get the IP by pressing the buttons together, as irwinpks suggested.  Thanks.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
cool.. thanks!
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