VPN Tunnel between a Cisco 515 to Linksys RV042

I need to setup a VPN Tunnel between a Cisco 515 and a Linksys RV042.  I currently have two 501s connected to this 515, so do I need additional programming.  I know I need to add the programming for the new subnet in my access lists, add the line for the peer, and program the password, but will my crypto lines and ISAKMP lines be different between my 501s and my RV042.,

Also, how to I then configure the RV042.  I have not had any luck yet.  I get IKE Tunnels, but I do not get IPSEC tunneles.
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Javier196Author Commented:
I got a successful VPN Tunnel between the Cisco 515 and the Linksys RV042.  I used the same settings on the 515 that I used for my tunnels to my Cisco 501s, but I did need to add a line to my 515, "isakmp identity address".  Once I added this line, my VPN tunnel came up.  This setting is default from what I understand, but adding it allowed the tunnel between the 515 and the RV042 to initiate.

I now need to pass data between the RV042 and the Cisco 515.  I can ping the 515 from a laptop connected tot he Linksys (remote), but I cannot ping anything else on the 515 network (main).  Also, I cannot ping devices from the 515 main network to the to the Linksys remote network.  I repeated the configuration of one of the 501s, but I cannot seem to pass data between the two firewalls.  I am not sure if I need to program anything on the Linksys, or change the config of the 515.
Double-check in the VPN settings on the Linksys that the VPN is setup as a "Gateway to Gateway", & that both the local & remote security gateway type is set to: subnet.  The remote subnet should be the LAN you're trying to get to on the PIX side.

If the above is set correctly, then you probably just need to fix your ACLs on the 515.
1) What's the IP & subnet mask of the inside interface on the RV042?
2) Please post your entire "sanitzed" config for your 515 (ie, passwords removed/masked-out & public IPs masked-out like so: x.x.x.24).


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Javier196Author Commented:
I got it all figured out.  I ended having a typo in the config for the 515.  In my access-list line for NAT Avoidance, I had the IP Address for the remote firewall, the RV042, typed in incorrectly.  I reviewed the config line by line, and I found it on like the 8th pass through.  The two numbers were very similar.

I knew it had to be something dumb like this.  The Tunnel was fine, but the Firewalls would not pass data.  Since this is the first time connecting this type of Firewall (Linksys RV042) to my Cisco 515, I wondered if there was a Access Rule I was missing.  Now that I have the config down, it is pretty stable.  

So, it ended up being a user error in the end.  Thanks for all the help anyway.
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