Consolidating Multiple RSS Feeds!? - Problem with Multiple Layouts!?

Can u help.
I have multiple RSS feeds I need to parse ... but each RSS feed has a slightly different XML layout and I - frankly - have no idea how best to tackle the stripping / parsing into a consolidated / standard loop!?

these rss feeds, for example;,,1,00.xml
- has this variable when XMLparsed using CF;

: rdf:RDF.item[i].title
- has this variable when XMLparsed using CF;


Is there a way to call the 'item[i].title' part of each parsed XML variable ... as a standard call without having to hard code each RSS feed's unique XML structure individually? You see ... the RSS feed URLS are fed dynamically from my web site ... and hardcoding would be impossible.


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Use XmlSearch which is CF's version of XPath, search for XPath queries to assist you.

    <cfset myXml = XmlParse(xmlVariable) />
    <cfset nodes = xmlSearch(configXml, "//items/*") />
    <cfdump var="#nodes#" />

This should return all items from your xml.        

rcbuchananAuthor Commented:
Thanks. BUT ... problem - when I use xmlsearch ... the multiple[i].title values ... aren't placed into an array. ..

instead ... the multiple sub components of item[i] are sequentially listed; ..

i.e. item[1].xmltext = title
i.e. item[2].xmltext = description
i.e. item[3].xmltext = text


instead ... i need ...

make sense!?
Just loop through them and build your array.

<cfif item[x].XmlName eq "title">
    <cfset item[y].title = item[x].XmlText />

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Xsearch can get just the titles also, if that's what your after.

I'd have to look up how.

    <cfset myXml = XmlParse(xmlVariable) />
    <cfset nodes = xmlSearch(configXml, "//title/*") />
    <cfdump var="#nodes#" />

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rcbuchananAuthor Commented:
Thanks. This kinda works.  Problem : each RSS feed has different naming conventions and different XML structure.

How on earth do these RSS aggregators like NetNewsWire understand which fields to strip; for blog title, description and date!? I'm perplexed.

rcbuchananAuthor Commented:
thanks. found solution.
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