Object Types missing from Child Domains on W2K3 Servers

I have 3 domains.
Domain 1 is parent to Domains 2 and 3. Domains 2 and 3 are children at the same level
I have setup shortcut trusts that are two-way transitive and verified on both sides between Domain 2 and 3
I can see any and all info from Domain 1 to Domains 2 and 3.
I can force replication from Domain 1 to Domain 2 and 3.
I have DHCP, DNS, and WINS all running from Domain 1.
Since this is a test setup, everyone is on the same VLAN/Subnet. 192.168.10.x
All machines are pingable.
All machines are Windows 2003 Standard.

Here are my 3 main issues:

When I try and add a domain 3 user/group through NTFS file/folder permissions to a domain 2 file or folder, it works to add them, but they cannot log in with an Access is denied error. Both the share permissions and the NTFS permissions are correct.
When I try and add any domain 3 group or user from the AD Users and computers snap in > Users > D2Group1 (Global Group) of domain 2 it won't see domain 3's objects.
When I switch my location to domain3 it removes Users, Groups, and computers from the selection list of object types.

There has to be something stupid that I am doing or not doing. Please help.

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i think you are looking at issues with the type of groups your trying to play with

a) is your forest operating at native mode?

b) do you have the groups set as global or universal groups? to add inter-domain you will need to se the groups as universal
webbjosephAuthor Commented:
A) Yes. All three domains are in native mode. Anywhere I need to go to set a forest level native
B) Groups in question are global security.
you need to use domains and trusts to make sure your forest mode is working at native also

can you trial a universal group
webbjosephAuthor Commented:
I am trialing a universal group, but now my question is if this works why wouldn't a global group work?
global groups arent designed for cross domain nesting, this is why universal groups are there and this is only available at native mode

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