Workgroup profile to Domain profile on the same computer

Hello fellow tech, Lately (in my new job) alot of user are still on a workgroup configuration and i have to transfer them on the domain...

Ok, before we start, let me tell you the situation...
- user account already created on the DC
- user was loging localy on the computer (workgroup) and will log onto the domain after the migration
- user use LOTS of software which store personal settings in the regestry and in Doc&setting/[user id] folders.

next, i will join the computer to the "abc" domain and have him log 1 time to generate the profile.

Now what i want to do:
... the most painless and fastest way ...
- i need to copy the old profile to the newly created one including all doc&setting and registry.

If anyone of you also know a tool witch will ease my task, please let me know.
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Don't know of a utility that will do this for you.

This is a pain, but will work.

Reboot their computer and log in with an administrator account other than that user.  Right click My Computer and select Properites.  On the advanced tab click Settings for User Profiles.  You can then select the local user you want to move and click Copy To.  Select a temporary place to put the profile on the HD and click OK.  Log out.  Log in with the domain users account on the computer to create a temporary profile you will overwrite.  Restart the computer and log back in with an administrator account. Move the contents of the profile you backed up earlier with the copy to function to replace the contects of the newly created domain user profile.  Set the NTFS permissions on that users profile so that the domain user is the owner and make sure to replace the Owner on "subcontainers and objects." Back on the Permissions tab also choose to Replace permission entries on all child objects to his profile so that the domain user is the owner on all the contents of their profile.

You could also try the files and settings tranfer wizard.  I don't know that it's any faster than the above or more or less likely to accomplish what you need?

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Log in locally and use Files & Settings Transfer Wizard and save the file to the local HD.  Then log in as domain user and use Files & Settings Transfer Wizard to import that file.   It is faster and all the permissions/ownership transfer properly, without the worry of missing something if you do it manually.
Francois_ITAuthor Commented:
Thx for the quick responce... the "Files & Settings Transfer Wizard" work verry well... as long i add some folder and file type in the wizard itself.

Will this tool also export the user regestry data? if not, what is the procedure to export those... (i think i know... but for future reader this might help)
Francois_ITAuthor Commented:
ok... here is what i did... and only partially worked...

- loged on the old profile and exported the HKEY_CURRENT_USER to file (also added the new profile ID full right with child propagation)
- log off and in with the new ID and imported the xxx.reg file i created in the step above.

==> getting an error while importing: cannot read the .reg file
p.s. i can see that some of the reg keys HAS been writen tho..

any idear?
Francois_ITAuthor Commented:
Thx for these amswer. Been a great help.
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