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explain DirectX

namcit99 asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-05

Dear advisor !

i am starting to learn Game program.

Please explain DirectX.

thank for all consider
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DirectX is Microsoft's set of game-helper (well, any application) libraries targeting certain functional areas.

DirectInput is used for easier management of input devices, including mouse, keyboard, gamepad, joystick, steering wheel, etc.

DirectSound/Music is used to simplify the complexities of audio generation in your app.  Sound effects, music, control of 3D audio positioning, and abstracting out the sound hardware for the most part (so you don't have to know what card you are running on... well, mostly...).

Direct3D/DirectDraw=>DirectXGraphics is used for interfacing with the video card.  Whether you are doing simple 2D graphics, or complex 3D systems, DXG is the method for setting up bitmaps/textures, blitting/copying, rendering polygons/object, creating complex shaders/effects, etc.

DirectPlay is Microsoft's attempt to wrap up network interactions into a library that'd match with how they envision average games working.  It abstracts out TCP/UDP network layers, and allows you to work more at the interaction between clients and a server (which could be one of the clients...).

The only downside is that DirectX is only for Windows systems -- with the exception that it and it's successor, XNA, are also in some form on Xbox/Xbox360.

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Is there some reason why I didn't get an accept or assist on this?
Andrew BeersTechnology Lead

I do have to contest the full "accept" on me.  Dave answered your main question and I only answered a secondary question you didn't even state.  I am thankful for the initial accept but this should have been a split of 30 to dave and 20 to me. With an accept on dave.

Just my oppinion on the matter.


PS:  As much as I'd love to say I deserve the credit for this one as I'm in fierce *winks* competition with dave... it should have been a split.
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