IPOD, NON NETWORK "path is too deep" error

I'm getting the well documented "path is too deep" error when I try to copy a file from my HD to a new IPOD.

I read many of the e.e. posts about this error, but before I continue, maybe someone can narrow down which links & subjects are actdually relevant to this situation:

This is NOT on a network

The virtual memory has been switched from manual size to "let windows manage size" - no diff

WRITE CACHING is OFF (optimize for quick removal is ON) for the IPOD

this error occurs when I use Win Explorer to manually copy files.  (I've turned on the "disk access" feature by checking Manual file maint in itunes prefs).  If I try to use itunes to copy the file to IPOD, it fails without a message.

When I copy the file from the source folder to the root dir (a shorter folder path), I am able to copy the file successfully.

So, assuming I don't want to change all my longer file paths...

Which of the fixes seems most relevant?

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Mark GalvinManaging Director / Principal ConsultantCommented:
Can you give me the full path and file name you are trying to copy to the pod?
dgrrrAuthor Commented:

the first one's path is:
C:\My Music\Vladimir_Horowitz-Etude_In_C_Minor_Op_25_No_12_Chopin.mp3

THere are others -- usually they had SHORTER FILENAMES, but LONGER FOLDER PATHS.  (I'll try to find one later - PC in question is in use)
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
PS -- I was trying to copy it to the root folder of the ipod device.
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El ConquistadorSenior Database AdministratorCommented:
The name is too long, you'll have to shorten the name of the mp3
You might consider a music file organizer program. One that would use a folder to designate the artist. several inside to designate the albums you have. and the actual files inside the correct album file.

Your ipod and other programs will pick up on the fact that you have them sorted by artist / album / title and behave accordingly.

I personally enjoy using Windows Media Player with this. If you sort them in your My Music folder like that - and then play them with the media player... you can actually let it rename everything for you and will do so using a music database provided by the recording companies to Microsoft.  Very effective method of doing things - AND - it correctly names all your files / albums / and artists. Sometimes even includes the ID3 full tags that will give you year, genre.... etc.

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Mark GalvinManaging Director / Principal ConsultantCommented:
With your iPod try iTunes. I use it on my windows XP pc and it works a treat.
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
Do these windows programs (what work with the ipod) actually allow you to copy the content straight to the ipod device, the way yoou would with an mp3 player / program?

Or do you still have to let itunes remove the paths & folders & filenames, and create it's own retarded structure? (can your programs teach the regard to speak english?)
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
Retard! Retard!
dgrrrAuthor Commented:
also -- is that limitation (file name too long) a problem for itunes or for windows?
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