i am going to develop a program where I want to calculate the size of jpeg image. so how we calculate it ?
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Do you want to find the size of an image, or do you want to know what size image to create?
davinder101Author Commented:
I want to find out the size of jpeg image
Too ambigious still: dimensions or file size?

Also, what language?

Many languages have functionality built in to read this information - for example, Java code:

// Get dimensions:
Image img = new ImageIcon( "imageName.jpg" ).getImage() ;
int width = img.getWidth() ;
int height = img.getHeight() ;

// File size:
File f = new File( "imageName.jpg" ) ;
int size = f.length() ;

But if you wish to implement something which is not dependent on any existing libraries for reading the image dimensions in, then this information is stored within the JPEG header:

You merely read in a 'short' (2-bytes) from the offset of 2 (for width) and 4 (for height).

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davinder101Author Commented:
I wand to calculate the size not dimension, in VC++.
#include <sys\types.h>
#include <sys\stat.h>
int FileSize( const char * szFileName )
  struct stat fileStat;
  int err = stat( szFileName, &fileStat );
  if (0 != err) return 0;
  return fileStat.st_size;
Since its VC++, I assume that you're probably fine with using the WIN 32 API... Therefore:
davinder101Author Commented:
I acctually want to find out the size of the image which is delated & I want to recover it bt the original information  is cropped in this case what we do?
I still don't get what you're on about...

You don't want the dimensions of the image, and you don't want the file size..... what else is there ?!?!
davinder101Author Commented:
Thanks for solving my problem.
davinder101 : Thanks for solving my problem.

Therefore the points should be awarded and not deleted.

InteractiveMind seemed to have the first and best answer, uvatbc did post a usefull link aswell.
Huh.. what happened here - I thought I posted a split :)


Changed recommendation: Split points  InteractiveMind {http:#15920456} & uvatbc {http:#15921980}
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