Weblogic or Websphear?

I want to develop a web application. please suggest me which is easy way to develop web application weblogic or websphear ? I m new to both weblogic and websphear.

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Have you seen JBoss?


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JBoss seems popular and probably the 'lightest' solution -- but as I've not worked very much with J2EE development, I've only ever used Weblogic myself before ... It's a huge application, and certainly takes a bit of playing around to get the hang of, but once you figure the fundamentals, I found it was a really very nice solution - there's also a lot of support for it, from BEA.

However, Websphere is yet another popular one ... hmm ... you'd probably be better to just pick one out of a hat. ;-)
Also, have a look at Apache Tomcat and Resin and JRun.
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P.S. Also, you might want to have a look at Oracle 9i and above.
If you're looking to develop a basic java based web app and you're new to all this, I'd stick with Tomcat.
Both WebLogic and WebSphere are *way* too much to get started with - and they are both commercial and somewhat proprietary products that are not free.
There's a free version of WebLogic. BEA even sent me it on disk for no charge.
Yeech. Send it back :P
Seriously though - it's not a good way for someone with little or no experience to effectively learn on. To get started, I believe something lightweight (eg Tomcat) and fairly simple to configure would be sufficient.
hehe :)

I certainly agree however about using Tomcat -- if the asker is happy to use a lighter app.... (and is still alive..?)
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