User Profile path setup


what is the correct way to set up a users home folder in there profile

is it   \\server\sharsname\????????  can remeber from here

The folder is shared with read and write permissions.

i have a few groups that i need to set this upfor so i want to put each group in
subfolders of the  share neme folder..


Server---Shared folder----Group1---Group2---Group3 and iwan to be abel toset each user to have that folder as their home folder.

I hope this makes sense.
i have to set up 400 users in about 10 OU's
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
oops \\server\share\%username%

missed a backslash

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Just to expand on what PeteLong has already mentioned, you can make this profile change on multiple users at the same time by doing this:

In Ad users and computer, go to the OU (USERS by defualt) that contains the users that you want to change the home drive paths of.  then hold the CTRL or SHIFT key and use the mouse to highlight the accounts that you want to modify.  Then right click one of the highlighted entries and choose properties from the drop down list.  Now go to the home folders and type in the new path in this format:  \\servername\sharename\%USERNAME%  Click OK.  

The share needs to be manually created once before implementing the user profile.  Set the share to ADMINISTRATORS FULL CONTROL, and EVERYONE CHANGE.  When you configure the AD profile settings, the system will automatically create the proper NTFS rights on the users home folder...where they get the proper rights only to thier home directory.  This is the most effecient way to setup home directories in my opinion.  (Note:  This method does not work for clients that use Win9x to connect to thier home shares... for these clients, you need to use direct shares:  i.e. \\servername\share$)

kennethanthonycumminsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys it is working a treat and i am well under way in this project i am on ...

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