Computed text on response doc won't print

Hi experts,

I have a response doc that inherits values from it's parent. I am using this to provide the end user with an alternate format of the document for printing perposes..
There are no fields on the repsonse doc, only computed text.
The computed text displays fine when the responce doc is created, but when the user prints all values vanish!

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Hi scribla,
Check in designer those Computed texts - hide formula for printing (if I understood right - the values are not on the prited paper).

Hope this helps,
scriblaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but sadly not. selected every element on the form and no ticks to hide under any circumstances.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Is there enough ink in the printer? ;)

Are there any fixed texts on the subform, so you know the subform is printed but not the fields?
When and how does the user print? Is the response document saved, or only printed and then thrown away?

The alternative way: you know you can open the original document with a different form? Create a copy of your view, open the view in the Designer, and use the Form Formula in the view's Objects frame to specify explicitly with what form the documents should be opened.

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scriblaAuthor Commented:

The main doc has an action button in the top bar. When clicked the response doc is created, displayed, printed and then discarded. (well thats the plan)
The user doesn't get prompted to save the doc on close as it doesn't contain any fields.
All the other content (normal text, tables, graphics) print fine. When you pick File > Print, (or use an action) you see all the computed text vanish just as the printer dialog appears.

re: The alternative way..
I did that yesterday, it works, but I was also hoping to employ similar functionality from within the doc itself.
try saving the doc before printing and deleting it afterwards (the user has to have the abbility to delete docs in the acl).

Hope this helps,
scriblaAuthor Commented:
strange... rather than do it with a forumla I just tried File > Save... all the computed text vanishes :(
check whether the form property is checked: Form properties last tab (Security) - Disable printing, forwarding, copying to clipboard.

Hope this helps, although I doubt it,
scriblaAuthor Commented:
I've decided to scrap the computed text idea. Instead I'm just using a load of fields with a default value that inherits from the parent.

Just hoping I can stop the thing prompting the user to save the doc, saveoptions field might work.
scriblaAuthor Commented:
yeah works a treat. 50/50 on the points ok with you guys?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Just another option (pseudo-code):
    Set doc= your_document
    doc.Form= "the other form"
    Call ws.EditDocument(..., doc,...)

I wonder what would happen, I haven't an ocean ;)
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
By the way, I expect that the Compuetd Texts are computed twice: once when loaded and once before printing. The fieldnames used in the formulae don't exist anymore at that time.
scriblaAuthor Commented:
I think your spot on there sjef. Thanks.
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