use two equally configured dns services for one domain


The dns service I use on my domain has turned out to be unreliable. I'm moving to a different service, but I cannot tell if they will be more reliable until I try them out. I have thus come to think that I could configure both of them the same way, and then provide all the nameservers of both services for the domain, like this:

Then, if one goes down, it can always use the other one, right? Am I thinking correctly here?
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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
hi ,
Use loa balancing through VPN
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
You can use master - secondary zone setups too.  Each server is authority for one zone, but transfers zone information to other on scheduled basis.  This is usually pretty easy to setup on all DNS servers I believe.

Server 1:
Master Zone -
Secondary Zone -

Server 2:
Master Zone -
Secondary Zone -

Since these are different zones, you can even mix up canonical names, so ns1 doesn't always have to point to same server. can point to its master, which could have an A/CNAME record in domain of ns2.  Vice versa for
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
I am rereading your post now and I think I misread as you have two domains to host on two servers, but think you are asking if it is right approach to use the four DNS servers together.  That should be fine.

As long as you are keeping all in sync, this should work as expected.  It will use other DNS servers if one is down.

Don't believe machines automatically search through all DNS servers if first one is found, so if there will be possibility of some domain zones in your service not being on some servers, just ensure that you setup forwarding so that any requests for those domain names are redirected on server side so user can truly use any of the four DNS servers without seeing any difference in service.
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olbionAuthor Commented:

Yes, I know that using a primary/secondary dns setup would be prettier. But since its an intermediary solution, and I'd rather avoid the possibility of setting it up incorrectly, I prefer the manual labour of changing all data twice.
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
No problem.  As stated, as long as you keep data in sync, listing all the name servers in order will act as you expect it.  If your experience is that only time there is a failure with service, both servers go down, you may want to alternate.

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olbionAuthor Commented:

Though your answer was correct, your setup was appearantly incompatible with the Swedish registrar (NIC-SE). They do not allow setting up "dual primary dns:es".
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