Why does Adobe Acrobat make a WRECK of table borders?


I use Word Documents heavily in my business as I am an Executive Recruiter.  I would like to use Adobe Acrobat to change my .docs into .pdf's to reduce the size and make them viewable by people that don't have Word.

My problem is that my .docs contain TABLES and when converted to .pdf's, the borders are all mucked up (varying widths, missing spots, etc...)  I've also noticed that UNDERLINED text appears strange as the line is excessively thick.

Every new release of Acrobat I have hoped that this will improve yet it never does.  Can I adjust some setting to make this work better or is Adobe just never ever going to get MS Word .doc conversion right?



P.S., I have noticed as well that any images I have on the .doc are degraded significantly.  Is there a way to improve this as well?  I would like to be a customer of Adobe on this, but just can't present these crummy looking .pdf's to my clients.  Thanks!
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Try looking at the properties of the PDF printer (get the printer properties pages open, then ht the "Printing Preserences" button on the General tab) and change the profile from whatever it is to "High Quality Print" or "Press Quality" and see if that makes a difference.
MitchellVIIAuthor Commented:

Yes, I tried that but borders are a still a mess.  Adobe just doesn't do 'lines' well.  Why not, after all these years and versions is a mystery.
Well, I know it doesn't help you much, but I regularly print documents from Word 2003 to PDF.  Many of them are heavily laden (no joke) with tables and lines and graphics and formatting and all sorts of things and I always get perfect results.

But, like I said, I don't think that helps you much...other than to know that it *should* work.
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MitchellVIIAuthor Commented:
Hmm, you don't get little "tales" on the bottom of your tables where the lines meet (i.e., one line bleeds past the other line)?  And you don't get "chunks" missing out of lines if the width of the table border is larger?  When words are underlined the line itself isn't 5 times as thick as it should be?

I've tried every version of Acrobat and this has always been the case.  I wish I could get your perfect results but never have sadly :(

I can honestly say that I've never had a problem.

But wait a minute.  The sorts of things you're talking about don't seem to be big, huge, major things...lines are too thick and appear missing in some spots and so forth...it's not printing sideways or anything.

If you zoom in on one of these defects, does it look any better?  Seriously, zoom in on some underlining that looks too thick and see if it changes the bigger it gets...or, better yet, print something out and see if it looks okay or is still messed up.

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MitchellVIIAuthor Commented:
still messed up.  For instance, I have one border that is 2 points wide.  It does three sides of the border ok, but the left border, it reduces to 1 point wide about half way down and goes back to 2 points the rest of the way.

It just looks terrible :(


Can you email me a .pdf that has lots of tables taken from a .doc so I can see how yours looks?

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