AIX Sftp problem

Hi Experts,
              I am trying to sftp a 250MB file from office to our remote location both AIX boxes. The sftp process works but gets stalled always at the begining of the transfer but if it reaches about 4% then the transfer goes on with out any problems. So basically I need to abort the sftp process about 4-5 times till the transfer gets to about 4% without a problem. For this reason I am unable to automate the process as it requires manual intervention to abort and restart the sftp operation.

Both ethernet cards on our AIX boxes are set to auto negotiate can this be the problem? please advice.

thanks in advance
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Ive heard of people having issues when various manufacturers "autonegotiate" feature is used. Its probably not so much the cards in the pSeries but the switch/router they go through. If you know the network is 100mb Id just set them to that.

Another reason they may be stalling is due to name resolution.

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This is PMTU blackhole problem.
There are serious nWay autonegotiate problems with RS/6000 and pSeries with *all* netcards.
But not always the case when it stalls in the middle, this is in higher layer protocol, but who knows.
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