Transfer data between two forms...

I am just learning and had a question. If i have two forms and want to transfer some data between the two forms; is using the module the best way to do this?
Is that the recomended way or the only way? thanks

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You don't really have to use a module, you can reference the data using the name of the form. For example:

  Form1.TextBox1.Text = Form2.TextBox2.Text

KalluMamaAuthor Commented:
...but is using modules the recommended practice?
Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, Digital Design, and Mathematics TeacherCommented:
jerete...that syntax only works in VB.Net 2005.  If you have VB.Net 2003, you need an actual reference to Form1 and can't just use their names.

You can...

    (1) Use a Module with Public variables

    (2) Create variables in the Forms and set them:

        Public Class Form1

            Private Sub Button1_Click(...) Handle Button1.Click
                Dim f2 As New Form2
                f2.Data1 = "Hello "
                f2.Data2 = "World"
            End Sub

        End Class

        Public Class Form2

            Public Data1 As String
            Public Data1 As String

        End Class

    (3) To communicate the other way you can use Events or Pass a reference to the first form in the same manner as (2)

    (4) There are other ways...

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Extending on Idle_Minds solution, if the two forms are independent then have a reference to each form global so you can access them from anywhere in your code.

'Define globally
Public Form1_Pointer as Form1
Public Form2_Pointer as Form2

'Define something like this, sounds like you have this part figured out
Public Sub New()
   Form1_Pointer = new Form1
   Form2_Pointer = new Form2



End Sub

You can now access either form from anywhere in the code.  Just make sure that the varibles being accessed in each form are public.

Form1_Pointer.lbl1.Text = Form2_Pointer.lbl2.Text

'Alternatively, if Form 2 is embedded in (a child of) Form 1 and you want to send data back up to Form 1 from Form 2 without referencing Form1 as a global pointer, try the following.

 'In Form 2
CType(CType(Me.Parent, System.Windows.Forms).Parent, Form1).ValueOnForm1 = Value

Hope this helps
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