Ethernet to ST Fibre Converter


Anyone familiar with ST Fibre networking?

Our two buildings are connected via fibre patch panel which connects to the st fibre tx and rx ports in RX modules added to two 3com 24 port hubs.  One has died (power supply) and I need to reconnect.

I have a startech media converter 100 Base FX which does not detect fibre connection to the 3com hub.
Also a 3com fibre converter TR, no light but no signal through.

Connected Rx to Tx and vice versa both cables.

Am awaiting a delivery off 3com switches from ebay.

Original Hub

Superstack 2
3C16611 hub

Waiting on

SuperStack Switches
2 X 3C16901A - 12 port switch
3 x 3C16902 inc 3C16920 - 24 port

Anyone know if the existing rx modules can be taken out and use in the new switches?

I am assuming Rx and Fx converters are incompatable.  Am considering ordering another startech converter as backup.  Anyone ever used 3com switches for fibre connections can advise if I should order or if they should take them ok?  

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Chris StauntonCommented:

We used 3com long ago for a fiber connection but have since switched to Dell and never looked back.  If I remember right I believe that the converters will interchange.

jessmcaAuthor Commented:
Thats not good then.  I have a 3com TR ?? converter and a Startech FX converter and not getting anything in between.

Also tried both with the original Rx module in the 3com hub remaining with boith converters, still nothing.

If you are right, there is no point in me buying another converter to keep like for like.  Will have to hope the fibre modules fom the old hubs will go into the new switches.  The link isnt even 100 meters so why they didnt throw in a dozen cat 5 cables before concreting the floor baffles me.  Im stuck with a single fibre cable between the two and at present making do with a cat 5 crossover cable running along the floors :(
Chris StauntonCommented:
You might want to check with 3com and see if they can give you a straight answer on that.  As I said it was a long time ago...


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We are phasing 3com switches out and I believe the 3C16611 modules should fit in the other two switches transciever slots. I believe the 3C16901A and the 3C16920 switches are only capable of 10mbps when using the transciever port, so if your transciever is faster than that, it won't work. I've also had no luck connecting dislike converters to eachother. I would recommend buying two like modules or converters. Either 3com superstack II modules (the longer ones) or two like converters...

--Note - on some converters, you'll need to connect both the fiber and catV ports to get your link lights. You may want to try that if you haven't already. Also, make sure you clean your fiber before connecting (dirty fiber is bad!!!)...

We do ST-ST, ST-LC, ST-SC using HP ProCurve switches with mini-GBIC tranceivers and larger tranceivers, also with a Black Box Media converter chassis with Cat 5-to-ST media converters.

I have never had a problem with the HP equipment. I keep spares of the Black Box stuff, though. I also keep spare patch cables.

I have had issues when moving stuff around where I had to switch the TX/FX at one end, as I obviously had them in the wrong holes.

Doesn't help you much, sorry. Just about to order Dell switches for a new building, these will also have fiber.
jessmcaAuthor Commented:
Finally got two 10/100mbs ones from after pcworld jerked mne about for over a month and work sweet.
The modules did interchange with the 3com switches but the ports ran at 10mbs only
Different makes did not work though, ended up with one 3com converter, one startech, and ano9ther generic one off ebay.  In the end it took two black box ones to get things up again.

Thanks :)  
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