windows 2000. removing backuped sysvol folder


I manually copied the sysvol folder on my dc to a network share to make a backup for maintenance.. Once my maintenance was done, I deleted the copied folder on the network. The delete did not work because of the "do not remove" folder. And worst than that, all the files in the sysvol folder were also deleted on my other dc's???... good thing I hade a tape backup!

question: how can I remove that manually copied folder???

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Check the properties for the folder and make sure it isn't set to Read Only.  If not, check the Security/Permissions and make sure you have rights to delete.

bobsensorAuthor Commented:
Thanks robrandon for your answer but I think that it's a little bit more complicated then that....

No it is not read only and I'm the administrator of the network, so it is not a security problem.

I think that it's more a replication issue

The deletion probably was a replication issue.  I thought you were asking how to manually delete the copied folder.  Even though you are an admin, it is possible for the security to get screwed up on there, temporarily locking you out.  I would check the ACL and make sure you can delete.
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bobsensorAuthor Commented:
Thank again robrandon

I'm able to delete everyting exept for the "DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_PreInstall_Directory" directory.

I think that if I stop the frs service I should be able to remove it, But I'm afraid that it will screw up my other sysvol folders again..  
Very interesting.  Check out this post and the associated articles.  It seems you created a junction point to the sysvol folders and that is why they were deleted.

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bobsensorAuthor Commented:
ok thank's...

I finally used the command from SysInternals group called, Junction. It not only lets you create junction points, but it also lets you delete them, and view the existing set of reparse information -- all from one 16K command-line program. This is mighty handy if you don't want to bother with the Win2K Resource Kit. You can download the application here:

thank bob

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