Get thread state, Suspended or running

Is there any way to get a threads state from the ThreadID or Thread handle.

I need a way to check if a thread is suspended.
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 You can use:

The GetThreadTimes function retrieves timing information for the specified thread.

funciton GetThreadTimes(hThread: THANDLE, // handle to thread
                                     lpCreationTime: LPFILETIME, // thread creation time
                                     lpExitTime: LPFILETIME, // thread exit time
                                     lpKernelTime: LPFILETIME, // thread kernel-mode time
                                     lpUserTime: LPFILETIME // thread user-mode time): BOOL;

  You can also use GetExitCodeThread to verify if the thread is finished or not.
heretoreadAuthor Commented:
but if a process was created suspened, would the main thread have 0 user and kernel mode time?
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
Call SuspendThread followed by a ResumeThread for the ThreadID. The SuspendThread will return the number of times that the thread has been suspended. It returns 0 if it was running. That's actually the fun thing about threads. They have a counter and as long as this counter is greater to 0, the thread is suspended. SuspendThread increases the counter while ResumeThread decreases it again.

Don't forget to resume immediately after the suspend and do realise that this might make your thread miss a clockcycle...
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heretoreadAuthor Commented:
I did consider that, but didn't want to effect execution of thread. Thats why i'm looking for a query way.
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
Well, a thread has a counter thus there might be a way to access the counter without effecting the thread execution. Especially since my solution might be troublesome on systems with multiple processors or with hyperthreading because then you might have two threads running at the same time.

I have been reading a bit in a book called "undocumented Windows 2000 secrets" and it mentions a C++ structure cakked _KTHREAD which is apparantly a structure full information about a thread. It has a byte field for the thread state, which would probably be useful to you. However, this solution requires good knowledge of the Windows kernel and the use of undocumented Windows API functions. (And those might not be supported by the next Windows version.)
heretoreadAuthor Commented:
I'm now using NtQuerySystemInformation to get the process list, this also allows me to get a record on each thread with the info i need.
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