Control Connection Closed

Have used GlobalScape CUTE to upload web for years.   Now I get message:  CONTROL CONNECTION CLOSED......this has been going on for two weeks or so.  Have rebooted svereal times.  

Use FrontPage.....but FrontPage upload does not upload navigation buttons [another question]

Recent changes:  Played with email...trying to get it to work when you click on somebody else's link from a site.   Have Web based email.

Have tried to remove/uninstall CUTE and have tried to overinstall CUTE....get 0x08 [access denied] ...can not give exact error code because I am in a different building and the remote access times out.
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"Use FrontPage.....but FrontPage upload does not upload navigation buttons [another question]"

have you checked the frontpage extensions on the server, are there any errors in the event log on your PC or the server?

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arealhumanAuthor Commented:
Well.....there is another dimension.

Am changing Web Site Hosts.    But....the Control Connection Closesd message started befor I actually prompted me to take action as I was thinking of this for a while.

The previous Host [a local] COAM did not support Front Page Extensions.  The new Host [GoDaddy] does.
But, as I mentioned, this started before I switched.  It started when I played with the email thing but I do not rememtber exactly what I did.  The event log does not tell me anything but I will check it again.

arealhumanAuthor Commented:
FrontPage extensions are ok on Server.
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