hard drive corruption


Ive had to replace the hard drive of a customer twice in 9 months, both times it was corruption, unrecoverable read errors etc,the hard drives were definitely capoot.I fixed them with the usual tools and would get them back up and running for a while until it happened again,the shop where i purchased them from replaced them when i had proof of the damaged hard drives with printouts from some of the tools i use.

Now the customers 3rd hard drive in a year is corrupt,ive done a quick check but i have more to do but its coming back (one or more unrecoverable read errors), now this is the worst problem ive ever had building systems,never have i had so much trouble with this one computer.

Now my question is, is there more than one way of getting corrupt hard drives,can other hardware parts cause corruption,because i cant understand how 3 drives in a year is possible,this one is only 2-3 months old.
the hard drives were mostly Maxtor i know there not the greatest hard drives in the world but trouble with them has been minmal except for this comp.

Just to recooperate the question is [is there more than one way of getting corrupt hard drives]
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Tell them to get a sturdier desk so the tower isn't bouncing off the side of thier monitor as they rattle the whole thing when they're gaming enthusiastically.
Friday humor notwithstanding, a lot of people have been reporting problems with Maxtor drives here, so maybe you should change brands to say, Seagate, Samsung, or Western Digital.  A faulty power supply will also damage drives.
overheating...poor cooling
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gio41ukAuthor Commented:
the tower is not next to the monitor and is not bouncing comedian.

its been 2 maxtor and the one thats in just now is a Hitachi Deskstar, ive been using them on countless other systems and never had anywhere near the problems with this one,infact practically no problems but i do agree about the maxtor but its not been much of a prblem for me.

The system is not overheating,theres a fan leading into the cpu from the case side panel and there is plenty of room inside for the hard drive,pretty sure its not that as ive had plenty others with less vetilation.I did check the cpu and thats fine about 40c.
Yeah, just trying to point out that some people are pretty brutal with the system unit sometimes, jolt it, knock it, kick it, slap it when frustrated etc etc. I've met people who've been through every brand of drive there is and swear they're all junk because they are killing them in months from such abuse.

Also, cheap fans on Y connectors close to the HDD power have been known to put spikes and EMI on the lines and wreck HDDs. Also cheap or selfmade rounded PATA cables have been known to corrupt HDDs, (I won't use any rounded cable myself)
gio41ukAuthor Commented:
its possible about the kickin the shit out the case senario but its a young 18 yr old girl that uses it and shes not the type lol.
I had a normal flat ide cable in it but i just swapped it an hour ago with a more expensive round padded ide cable, the ones that have a rubber outer body,dont no there proper name, it is an 80 wired cable so i dont think its that.

Maybe ive just got a jinxed customer if theres no other explanation,im doing a pc-check on it just now and its having problems reading it,this is worse than before,looks like there going to lose there data,even erd commander couldnt see the drive.
is your costumer downloading alot? it can happen we changed two wd drives for students but all they did was leeching files from net. I think it happens beacuse the drive head must jump countlessly up and down. Now im gonna get attacked from other saying that they have same drive for 3 years and is still working but how fast is you link? your costumers link i mean ?
Consider this a long shot, but not impossible. If the system is on a surge strip ( or common circuit)  with a power "spiking" appliance/tv/etc. it could send spikes to damage the drives.   I would , however, expect the monitor and mainboard components to go first, but, I think  it's worth asking.
gio41ukAuthor Commented:
The girl doesnt download a lot,the first hard drive they had she used it for a little while downloadin music from bearshare,but i must state she never did enough for that worry,ive seen a 1000s times worse,nothing really,she had some spyware the first time round but she stopped all that because i blamed the first hard drive to corruption from spyware and viruses but it was nothing.
Im not sure what you mean by link but her or there net speed was between 1 - 2mb download speed.

Spiking, they only have what everyone else has,normal tft monitor and main computer box,not even a printer,theres nothing that sticks out from normal.
i would try another power supply first.
gio41ukAuthor Commented:
Its a 600 watt power supply thats in it,when i built the computer nearly a year back the case came without a power unit and i had a few 600 watt ones and used one of them,it even has a dual fan on the side i forgot about so it even has more air ventilation than i thought and theres nothing in the case i.e pci cards and such that would make them need anymore power, 600 watts is ample infact more, i usually only build cases with 350 to 400 watts.
that supply can also provide bad contacts, or be dying.
Get an UPS with AVR(voltage regulated). It is most likely spikes and brownouts that are killing the drives rather than out right power failure. Other than that, some clients are just born computer killers and need to be refered to some other unsuspecting shop. I generally tell people as such, that Dell makes a nice computer.

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gio41ukAuthor Commented:
I want to thank you all for trying to help, I got back into the system and ran a software program from the manufacturers which tests the drive, it came back telling me what i already new that there was corruption to some sectors,i used the program to repair them which seemed to be successful but ive decided to cut my losses with this one and give the customer a newly built system.
Im doing this for piece of mind as its someone i know fairly well and its not good for my reputation,dont want them saying this guy is sh**e.lol
I'll sell this system on 2nd hand, will still lose but not too much and its better to keep the customer happy, so they say.

Ive split the points between you all for your assistance but not your answers as i'll never know this one,i did click tmj883 for his humour in telling them to try someone else but nobodys answer has proved right and im not going to look any further into this or i will go mad, time to have a drink now .
cheers gio
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