The EX-Ex become tomuch commercial ?

This is the link where I was notified that we can't have in our user account more that 500 points. Any points over this will be lose.

How I understand the users have three solutions (as greenhorne in a topic, Delphi in our case) :

1. To wait 100 days to get this 500 points ( 100 days x 5 points/day ) and to can put a question
2. To buy points
3. To become an expert and to gain 3000 each month to have access to unlimited points

I talk about 500 points for a topic because this is the max. accepted here.

In last year I was qualified to premium service and don't knew this. But because in January I can't spend time on net I become a common user. And because I was sure that I must have 3-4.000 points in my account ...

I'm the last that learn the new rule ?
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ginsonicAuthor Commented:
If our answers become money from points I think that more support for Ex-Ex experts from the site owners is welcome.

To say that over a specified level to have non stop premium access. As experts we answer to much more questions as we post.
ginsonicAuthor Commented:

3. To become an expert and to gain 3000 each month to have access to unlimited points

please read

3. To become an expert and to gain 3000 expert points (that was't the same with Ex-Ex points) each month to have access to unlimited points
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
I used to be a regular visitor of Ex-Ex a few years ago but these days I just don't think Ex-Ex is worth the trouble that I'm putting in it. It's sad but the large advertisements are a real downside. Also, the fact that I've been too busy to visit Ex-Ex regularly meant that I am now again a regular visitor again. I used to be considered an expert here.

Then again, I have over 8000 points now that I can spend. I don't mind this "new" rule since I don't ask that many questions. But it would be interesting if I could earn e.g. another 5 points for every question that I answered. I can afford to ask dozens of 500-point questions and let some other member quickly rise to the top. I think the biggest problem with Ex-Ex has always been how fast some experts were gaining points as rewards because many people just gave so much away with their questions. Now, with this limit in place, members will take more consideration when asking questions. It's a good move.

And me not gaining 3000 points every month and thus not gaining the unlimited points to spend? Well, I am an expert and in general don't have that many questions. I do have plenty of answers though.

I understand your position, though. But Ex-Ex is a commercial website. If you feel unhappy by that, do as I did and stay away. Get your information from other resources and perhaps answer questions in other forums too.

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Mike LittlewoodEngineerCommented:
Personally I think Ex-Ex is a very worthwhile site, I have not found one problem that I could not solve by coming here.

It does bug me when I look at the points awarded to some people though, take a look at the SQL programming page just to prove my point.
When people start earning 2Mil points a year in one topic, something is wrong, so hopefully this will be a fairer system.
ginsonicAuthor Commented:
IMHO, the solution come with limiting the offered points and not gained points. The 500 max offered points ( 2.000 expert points ) create this inflation of experts points. Five excelent answers and you have already 10.000. I remember that in '99 I gain max 60-80 experts points/topic.

I'm not a regular visitor too. I can spend max 30 minutes at 2-3 days on this site, so I don't have many questions that are not a solution yet. ( And in my small visits I gain more than 160k experts points ).

If I gain max 500 points I can put max 2 questions. No many experts ( and I'm one of them ) read questions with less of 250 points. In my case the reason is that I MUST gain 3.000 expert points to keep my qualification so I need question with a big number of points in the small time spended here.

And after that I must wait 3 months to can put anothers questions.

I haved 3-4.000 poits, too. I asked some tips, don't get an answer or solve myself and when I asked to delete and refound my question was deleted but the points was lost because I can't have more than 500 points.

What about a new rule !? :

1. My account can't be limited and can gain any number of points ( 1.000 x 5points/day = 5.000)
2. I can offer max 50 or 100 points.

In this case I don't have an inflation of experts points and the users can ask more many questions. The purpose must be the users access to experts knowledge and not just the selling of points.

Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
It might be a nicer idea to set the maximum number of points that I could gain for spending on questions is directly related to the number of Experts points that I have collected by answering questions. Say about 1% of the points gained. In my case, I have 360.000+ points gained by answering questions so I would have a maximum of 3.600 points that I can spend on new questions. Of course, once spent, they are gone.
If someone new gets on ExEx, they would just have a maximum of 500 points that they can gain by visiting this site daily. By answering a lot of questions, they will soon increase this maximum and better, they will also be motivated to answer questions. The more you gain by answering questions, the more you can spend for free on new questions.

If the spending limit is related to the points gained, ExEx might be a bit interesting for some people again.

And for me? I just don't have that many questions and if I do have questions, then they tend to be extreme complex and not easily answered. Besides, I have collected plenty of resources to solve any of my problems. And about answering questions? It's fun but also time-consuming. It has become a low priority for me. I'm happy to be in the Delphi top-10 but I've been gone for a long time and it still hasn't changed much. Still the same names as a year ago.
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