Terminal Sever & Antivirus question

I have a TS box and I'm using AVG server edition for AV.  The problem is each of my users logs in and random virus cans start up.  At any one time, I find that I have 10 to 15 usrs running AV scans and each one is using up about 8% of the processor.  Of course, my processors are running at 90 to 100%.

My question is, how can I install AV software so that it WILL NOT load with each profile?

I only want AV to run on the console and not load into each profile.  I tried removing the AV software and installing while NOT in install mode, but that didn't work.

Any ideas on how I can allow AV to run at the console and not within each profile would be greatly appreciated.


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Trend Micro is the preferred AV for terminal services.  I'm guessing AVG is not certified for terminal services and doesn't know how to handle the multiple sessions and is only doing what it knows how to do.

Jeff Pitsch
Just as standard servers require operating system-level antivirus software, so do terminal servers. When choosing an antivirus product, be sure to choose one certified to run on Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services servers. For terminal server mode deployments, install the antivirus software after installing Terminal Services so that scanning will work for all Terminal Services sessions.

It looks like your software is compatible for Terminal Services...

AVG for NT/2000 file server
This edition of AVG Anti-Virus protects Windows NT/2000 server systems. It differs from the standard AVG by its approach to "on access" scanning. Not only does it check local file access but also remote access, that is request for file access from local stations on the network. The new AVG for NT/2000 server contains direct support of Terminal server. AVG Control Center is used for setting parameters of all AVG components like Resident Shield, etc. AVG for NT/2000 server extends virus protection onto network servers. It is an important part of the fight against virus infection.

You may just have your configuration setup wrong.  Don't do scheduled scans,,,,rather do scan on access..  or real time scanning...for use with terminal services...

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crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
So it seems I have to configure the AVG for each session if that is what you are saying.  AVG tells me the server version I have is compatible with TS and it seems to be, except that it runs for each user when that user logs in.  I'd rather it NOT run in each user session but rather run only on the server.

Make sense?
So there you go it is compatible.  I still stick by Trend.  I just do not have the problems with them that other AV software seem to have.

Jeff Pitsch
crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
But it seems that I have to install it and configure each user.  I saw nothing under control center that allowed me to control whether or not it installs into each profile.  I can't believe I have to log in as each user and configure settings if the software works with TS.
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