Exchange 2000 Migration Wizard - User to pst file

I have a user that is leaving our company soon and I need to backup his exchange 2000 mailbox.
I read that I can use the Exchange 2000 Migration Wizard and save his email to a .pst file (which is great and what I need in case he deletes everything before he leaves).
I know I could do a restore etc but this is more proactive and seems simple.
Question is:
If I migrate his exchange 2000 account to pst will his mail stay on the Exchange server and just be copied into a pst file?
does it strip/delete/remove the emails and info from his Exch mailbox and just put them in a pst?



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Jamie McKillopIT DirectorCommented:
What you want to use is EXMERGE to copy his mailbox to a PST file. You can then delete his mailbox if you want to.


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Fragclub27Author Commented:
Sorry - kind of new to Exchange
What is and how do I use EXMERGE?
On Google I just see stuff about using it to recover, restore and/or delete from a mailbox
I went to Microsoft and can only seem to find EXmerge for Exchange 2003 not 2000

Check this link, it will guide you how to use exmerge:

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Jamie McKillopIT DirectorCommented:
It is on the Exchange 2000 CD - Support\Utils\I386\Exmerge

Here is how to use it  -

Fragclub27Author Commented:
Fragclub27Author Commented:
Just starting to run Exmerge and I read this message that popped up:

Messages copied will lose their single instance storage and this may result in the size of the Exchange Private Information Storage increasing significantly.

So if I run Exmerge just to copy 1 users mailbox to a pst file will it affect all messages (ie messages addressed to this user and others) and therefore increase the size of my Store?

Jamie McKillopIT DirectorCommented:
The message you are seeing is only relavent if you import the messages back into the store at a later date. Jusy copying them out will not impact SIS.

Fragclub27Author Commented:
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