Read a Tab-delimited file and break it into its component columns

I need a code snippet that will read a tab delimited test file and break each record into its component pieces that are delimited by the tab.  I need this in Classic ASP, not ASP.NET

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you would use the split command.  you have a couple options.  read line by line and split each line, or read all the text and split the lines out then split each line.

tempall = objfso.readall
lines = split(tempall,vbcrlf)
for i = 0 to ubound(lines)
  line = split(lines(i),vbtab)

where are you planning to go with the data?

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ARWAuthor Commented:
I want to stick the data in separate arrays representing the different columns.

dim sPath,objFso
strPath = Server.MapPath("MyFile.csv")
Set objFso = createObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objTxtStream = objFso.OpenTextFile( strPath )

Dim strSQL
Dim i, myArr, theLine

While not objTxtStream.AtEndOfStream
theLine = objTxtStream.ReadLine

myArr = split(theLine, chr(9))
i = 0

str1     = myArr(i)
str2      = myArr(i+1)
str3     = myArr(i+2)
str4      = myArr(i+3)
str5     = myArr(i+4)
str6      = myArr(i+5)
str7      = myArr(i+6)
str8      = myArr(i+7)
str9      = myArr(i+8)
str10      = myArr(i+9)
str11      = myArr(i+10)
str12      = myArr(i+11)
str13      = myArr(i+12)
str14      = myArr(i+13)
str15      = myArr(i+14)
str16      = myArr(i+15)
str17      = myArr(i+16)
str18      = myArr(i+17)
str19      = myArr(i+18)
str20      = myArr(i+19)
str21      = myArr(i+20)
str22      = myArr(i+21)
str23      = myArr(i+22)
str24      = myArr(i+23)
str25      = myArr(i+24)

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ARWAuthor Commented:
So the split command automatically knows to split these columns into the array?

yes.  it splits the text based on the delimiter you give it.  then you access the columns through the index of the array.
Split returns array and you use index to access each element. See my example above
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