Windows XP SP2 Reports "AMD Processor Model Unknown" - How to fix?


I've got Windows XP Pro SP2 (32bit) running on a Foxconn NFPIK8AA-8EKRS (nForce4 Pro AMD) motherboard with an Opteron 252 processor.

I'm not certain how Windows detects the capabilities of a processor (SSE, SSE2, SSE3, PowerNow!, etc... etc...), but Windows XP is reporting the processor as "AMD Processor Model Unknown."

What's strange is that none of the drivers or the OS seems to have an update for this CPU.

I originally installed the OS with an Opteron 848 processor, and then plopped in the 252 as it's a little fast and supports SSE3.  (This is the game box.)

Does anyone know how to remedy this bizzare issue?

(I did install some stuff from AMD, updated platform drivers from nVidia, and got all of the current WinXP updates.)

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Hi gerhardub,

You have the latest bios update in your motherboard?


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Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Does cpu z :

or wcpuid get the correct info :

If that does then obviously it is something to do with xp's capability to detect the correct processor or an SP2 issue as I know SP2 has some issues to do with detecting the correct amount of RAM if you have 4gb installed for a few reasons ( obviously )
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gerhardubAuthor Commented:

Yep... the BIOS identifies the processor correctly.


Already had v of the AMDCPU K8 driver installed.  I removed it, and reinstalled it... but it made no difference.


CPU-z reports it as an "AMD Processor Model Unknown," but it still knows that it's an Opteron 252 running a 2.6Ghz.

The motherboard is filled with 2 ECC sticks of 2GB each, and the 32bit version of Windows XP Pro only addresses 2GB total.   Mother other box (exactly the same) has the Opteron 848 in it, but both WinXP Pro 32bit and x64 identiy that processor correctly.  (...and that box with x64 sees all of the RAM, which is nice... but the game box needs to use 32bit XP as the drivers and compatibility for x64 isn't quite there yet.)

It's begining to look like an XP driver issue... maybe I'll just call AMD...
I'm going to go with Miguel on this then. Just because BIOS says the processor name correctly, it doesn't necesarily mean it identified it correctly.
"AMD Processor Unkown" means the BIOS needs to be updated.

gerhardubAuthor Commented:

You two are correct...  I decided to go full throttle and call AMD and Foxconn.  It turns out that while they are supporting 252 Opteron CPU, they don't have the E4 revision of the 252's microcode in the identification table within the BIOS.

So, while the motherboard knows it's an AMD CPU... it doesn't know which one.

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