Set the maxLength property for a textBox inside myDatagrid in edit mode

I am using the built in edit buttonColumn in my datagrid. When click edit in the datagrid, I textBox appears on to be editted. I couldn't set the maxLength for that textBox. Here is my code:

TextBox txtName = ((TextBox)e.Item.Cells[1].Controls[0]);
txtName.MaxLength = 20;

I can set the property of maxLength but it is not limiting the text length.

Looking forward to your response.

Tx in advance
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Elvio Lujan.Net Senior DeveloperCommented:
where is you'r code?

"TextBox txtName = ((TextBox)e.Item.Cells[1].Controls[0]);
txtName.MaxLength = 20;"

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chaleastaleAuthor Commented:
my code is in the update event handler for the datagrid. When I try it in the edit event handler for the datagrid, an exception happens saying Invalid cast.
Elvio Lujan.Net Senior DeveloperCommented:
TextBox txtName = ((TextBox)e.Item.Cells[1].Controls[1]);
txtName.MaxLength = 20;
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chaleastaleAuthor Commented:
When I put your code for update event handler it is all the same. It doesn't restrict the the lenght I set.
When I put it in the edit event handler the exception says 'Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.'

I don't know what is going wrong!

Elvio Lujan.Net Senior DeveloperCommented:
are you sure the cellIndex is the correct?
chaleastaleAuthor Commented:
As long as it represents the column, Yes.

The column that I want to edit is the second column in the datagrid. That means its index is 1

I am afraid the built in edit button column doesn't allow to set the max legth for the textbox

Tx again
Elvio Lujan.Net Senior DeveloperCommented:
ummm... and the textbox is in the second cell?
Elvio Lujan.Net Senior DeveloperCommented:
may be if you can post the html code from the datagrid...
chaleastaleAuthor Commented:
Here is my datagrid html script:

<asp:datagrid id="dataGridEquipMaster" style="Z-INDEX: 107; LEFT: 16px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 160px"
      runat="server" Width="296px" Height="208px" Font-Names="Arial" Font-Size="XX-Small" CellSpacing="1" AllowSorting="True" DataKeyField="Id"        AllowPaging="True" AutoGenerateColumns="False" ForeColor="Black"
BackColor="WhiteSmoke" BorderWidth="1px" BorderStyle="Solid" BorderColor="Wheat" PageSize="8" ShowFooter="True">
<FooterStyle Height="2px"></FooterStyle>
<AlternatingItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Left" Height="2px" VerticalAlign="Bottom"></AlternatingItemStyle>
<ItemStyle Font-Size="X-Small" HorizontalAlign="Left" Height="2px" VerticalAlign="Bottom"></ItemStyle>
<HeaderStyle Font-Size="X-Small" Font-Names="Arial" Font-Bold="True" HorizontalAlign="Center"
Height="3px" VerticalAlign="Bottom" BackColor="Silver"></HeaderStyle>
<asp:BoundColumn Visible="False" DataField="Id" SortExpression="Id"><HeaderStyle Wrap="False"></HeaderStyle><FooterStyle Font-Size="XX-Small" Wrap="False"></FooterStyle></asp:BoundColumn>
<asp:BoundColumn DataField="Name" SortExpression="Name">
<HeaderStyle Wrap="False" Width="200px"></HeaderStyle><FooterStyle Font-Size="XX-Small"></FooterStyle></asp:BoundColumn>
<asp:BoundColumn Visible="False" DataField="last_Updated" SortExpression="last_Updated" HeaderText="Last Updated"><HeaderStyle Wrap="False" Width="100px"></HeaderStyle><FooterStyle Font-Size="XX-Small"></FooterStyle>
</asp:BoundColumn><asp:EditCommandColumn ButtonType="LinkButton" UpdateText="Update" CancelText="Cancel" EditText="Edit">
<HeaderStyle Wrap="False" Width="30px"></HeaderStyle><FooterStyle Font-Size="XX-Small"></FooterStyle>
</asp:EditCommandColumn><asp:ButtonColumn Text="Delete" HeaderImageUrl="../Imgages/delete_icon.gif" CommandName="Delete">
<HeaderStyle Wrap="False" Width="30px"></HeaderStyle></asp:ButtonColumn></Columns><PagerStyle VerticalAlign="Bottom" NextPageText="&gt;&gt;" Font-Size="X-Small" BorderColor="White"PrevPageText="&lt;&lt;" BorderStyle="None" HorizontalAlign="Right" BackColor="White" PageButtonCount="5"></PagerStyle>

I am sorry I is kinda bulky
chaleastaleAuthor Commented:
Did you something to the html script? I didn't see any comment of yours.
chaleastaleAuthor Commented:
I am sorry. Did you add something to the html script? I didn't see any comment of yours.
Jason ScolaroCommented:
Hi chaleastale,

Make your life easier with the use of a TemplateColumn, this way you can access the TextBox properties all you like without code-behind.  Just change your BoundColumn to this TemplateColumn:

<asp:TemplateColumn SortExpression="Name">
    <HeaderStyle Wrap="False" Width="200px"></HeaderStyle>
    <FooterStyle Font-Size="XX-Small"></FooterStyle>
        <asp:Label Runat="server" id="lblName" Text='<%# Container.DataItem("Name") %>' />
        <asp:TextBox Runat="server" id="txtName" MaxLength="20" Text='<%# Container.DataItem("Name") %>' />

That should do the trick.  Good luck!

-- Jason
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