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We have (5) Windows 2003 Servers and need a good backup solution that one person can handle managing nightly.  We are currently performing a full tape backup on (20) 100GB LTO1 tapes nightly.  Should we consider some kind of incremental solution with the tapes we have?  How can we backup each server OS/data for recovery over a period of 2 days for the first full backup?  Since it takes so long to backup to tape (ie: 6 hours for 100GB) if the first full backup would have to be done over 2 nights... would this be a reliable backup for a disaster recovery restore?  Obviously I want to backup active directory, software, settings etc...

Our server setup is:
1-domain controller (5GB)
1-file/print server (70GB)
1-Exchange 2003 Enterprise (85GB)
1-Blackberry Enterprise 4 (5GB)
1-Web/SQL server (35GB)

All on the same domain.  Currently we are running Veritas BackupExec 10.

We were able to get full backups nightly, but have grown and are pushing 80GB mail, 60GB file data now.  We are performing full backups on Exchange Information Store and File Data.

I need to setup something that can be managed nightly (ie: no robot) that will enable us to backup EVERYTHING.  This includes a disaster recovery plan for server OS (system state, etc...) for any kind of failure (nothing in place now ... SCARY)

It is not neccessary to archive any data... basically we need only for disaster recovery.  Plans in the future for data archiving, but not now.  

Any solutions will be helpful... I'm looking for the best (easiest to manage, lowest cost) solution.  I am possibly interested in any kind of hard disk backup solution/tape combination etc...

Thanks in advance.
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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Option 1:

Setup up full backup every Friday night
Setup incromental or differential backups every other night (these will be much smaller and take much less time to complete)
Change the tape Friday morning

Option 2:

same backup as above, but switch from tape to network atatched storage (NAS)
NAS is usualy faster and can store more
Use disk to disk to tape. You can use NAS for the disk staging or locally attached disks. SATA will do. Then you can stick to full backups and put the second tape in in the morning. If Exchange is a domain controller then the AD server won't be very busy during the day so it would be ideal to hang the SATA disks and tape drive off. Your copy to tape during the day won't slow Exchange or SQL or file server down as their data was backed up to disk during the night. Make sure you have fast enough external disks or you won't be able to feed the LTO fast enough to avoid the tape drive constantly repositioning (shoe shining) which wears out the drive.

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