553 Sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts

I'm running 2003 SBE server with Exchange 2003. I'm getting the following error. 553 Sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts. Your site here says to look at smart host....What is smart host and is t his the fix for it? We have 2 domains one is steelsystemsplus.com and metalrooftech.com. The steelsytemsplsu.com emails fine but the other doesn't email to ONE email address. When we send it from the steelsystemsplus account the email goes thru. HELP! I'm new at this IT stuff and am getting bet one to fix this problem.

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Jamie McKillopIT DirectorCommented:
If I understand correctly, you are using two domains on one server? Do you have both domains setup in the recipient policy?

ksstmillerAuthor Commented:
Only one internal domain which is ssp-one. We have two web-sites, steelsystemsplus.com  and metalrooftech.com. On his lap top (workstation) I have MS exchange setup and one other account for the metalrooftech account using pop3. However, both MX records are pointing to our external IP thru GoDaddy. Do I need the metalrooftech account setup in addition to MS Exchange? Maybe that's causing problems.
Jamie McKillopIT DirectorCommented:
So, you have an MX record for metalrooftech.com and an MX record for steelsystemsplus.com pointed at your Exchange server? If so, you need to make sure both domains are listed in your recipient policy.

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ksstmillerAuthor Commented:
ok, Where or how do I do that? I've done a search on that phrase and nothing came up. Thank you for your help on this one...I need it. KEvin
Jamie McKillopIT DirectorCommented:
Open Exchange System Manager and expand Recipients->Recipient Policies. Double-click the Default Policy and go to the E-mail Addresses tab. If both your external domains aren't listed, click New, select SMTP Address and type @metalrooftech.com then click OK. Make sure the box is checked beside the domain you just added then click OK.

Exchange won't know to aceept email for any domains that aren't listed in the recipient policies.


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ksstmillerAuthor Commented:
It seemed that we were able to send and receive with metalrooftech.com. It was just this one email address that was casuing us trouble. We could reply with no issues but couldn't create a new email to her.
One more question. Do I need the other pop3 account on his laptop or just exchange? He does take this laptop with him on business trips mainly to check/send/receive email. He can remote desktop into the server from his hotel room.
Do yo mean Outlook? He isn't running an exchange server from his laptop is he?
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