Can you delete an Exchange mailbox/email address if the Information Store is not running?

When recently moved from 5.5 to 2003. One mailbox that was hidden was left on the old 5.5 server. The server crashed. The problem was with the drive array that the information store is on.  I bought the server back online but the array with the store will nto come back online.  It is not under warranty and I don't want to spend that money to fix it. I can re-create the email address on the new server but can't until I delete the one still on the 5.5 server. Does anyone know of a work around?
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Have you tried deleting the account in AD and create a new one  from scratch?
if you're on 2003 you must have AD. All email address information, home server information, etc, is stored in AD. Just go to the account in ADUC on the Exchange 2003 computer right click and select Remove Exchange Attributes. This should clear out everything and let you recreate the mailbox/address.

debbie0040Author Commented:
This account and mailbox was not migrated to AD  yet. Still in the old NT domain
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so when you try to recreate it what does it tell you? i'm assuming you're getting an area?

debbie0040Author Commented:
address in use
Give me script a try, maybe someone else assigned it to something:

this script will tell you where it's assigned for sure.

debbie0040Author Commented:
I know the address exists on the mailbox on the failed 5.5 server. The 5.5 server is part of our organization. Thanks for the script though.  I want to see if I can delete the mailbox or even edit the email address without bringing the Information store online
Even though the mailbox has not been migrated (exists on the Exchange 2003 server) yet, it is still probably listed in the AD if you have an Active Directory Connector installed.
Are you sure that there is not an enabled or disabled AD account? If there is then right click this account and delete the mailbox. It may take a bit for it to come back while it tries to speak with the failed server.
I had to do this once for a failed 5.5 to 2000 upgrade because the server had been deleted. Never tried it with 2003 yet but it should be the same.
debbie0040Author Commented:
I could not find it in AD but was able to re-create it. When I try to send an email to the new email address I receive this error message.

The message reached the recipient's e-mail system, but delivery was refused.  Attempt to resend the message.  If it still fails, contact your system administrator.

just curious, at first you said you couldn't recreate it because AD was telling you address in use. What did you do that allowed you to now recreate it?

debbie0040Author Commented:
I never saw an account in AD for the account. Exchange was telling me the address was in use. I just took down the old 5.5 server re-created the account and bought the old 5.5 server back up  Exchange Directory services is still running on the old server but not the information store. We have a failed array that hosted tht Information store
Why are you even leaving the Exchange 5.5 server on if you are not going to repair it?
debbie0040Author Commented:
We are still need Directory services running on the old 5.5 server. We have not completed the migration from 5.5 to 2003. This will be completed in a month and it will then be shut down.
Man this is going to be tough.

Why don't we try to get all the services running on this 5.5 server. Since the array is down that has the PRIV and PUB databases, how about changing the file location of the databases in the registry to another drive. Then hopefully the Information Store service will start up with empty databases.

Launch REGEDT32 on the Exchange 5.5 server.
Go to this registry key:

Save this key in a safe place prior to making changes.

Then look through this for the database paths. There will be a key for each of the databases, 1 for PRIV.EDB and one for PUB.EDB.
Change the path to a valid working drive.
Make sure that you actually create the folder structure where you point these keys to.

Then try to start the Information Store service.
If done properly this should give start and create new empty databases.

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debbie0040Author Commented:
Will it still see the old email addresses/mailboxes that I need to delete?
If you get the Information Store service back up then you will be able to delete the mailbox on the Exchange 5.5 side.

You have quite a mess here if you haven't already figured that out.
debbie0040Author Commented:
Yes but it is only one mailbox and I don't need the email from it just the address. All other mailboxes are on a new 2003 HP Server. I have a good backup and could bring the array back online if I wanted to pay to renew IBM maintenance fee. I will try moving the store  to another drive. I appreciate your help
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