Function to return the next available business DATE


I need to determine how to write a function that will accept the a date as 02/20/2006 and return the next business date available.

I have a db table that stores the holidays, but it needs to take into account the weekends (Sat, Sun) as well.

I want this function to return the next available business "date"

Can someone assist in this?

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I would look at this file and maybe make modifications:

It calcualtes the number of business days between two days.
The basic idea for your function will be to read in the list of holiday dates

<cfquery name="GetHolidays" datasource="yourdsn">
SELECT holidaydate FROM yourtable

<!--- Create a list --->
<cfset holidayList = "">
<cfloop query="GetHolidays">
   <cfset holidayList = ListAppend(holidayList, holidaydate)>

<cfset currentDate = Form.dateEntered>
<cfset businessdayNotFound = true>
<cfloop condition="#businessdayNotFound#">
   <cfset currentDate = DateAdd("d", 1, currentDate)>
   <cfif ListFind(holidayList, currentDate) EQ 0 AND DayOfWeek(currentDate) NEQ 1 AND DayOfWeek(currentDate) NEQ 7>
       <cfset businessdayNotFound = false>

The next business day is <cfoutput>#currentDate#</cfoutput>

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Westside2004Author Commented:

Thanks, this almost works, except it does not filter out the holidays coming from the query.

I entered 2/10/2006, lincoln b-day is 2/13/2006, so next biz day is 2/14/2006, but it returns 2/13/2006

Almost there.

any idea why?

Westside2004Author Commented:
fixed it... no worries thx
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