Can DFS and FRS be used in collaboration scenarios where multiple users might change files at the same time?

This question is a verbatim quote from

The answer given there is:
A. This is not advised because FRS does not provide distributed file locking. Depending on the update patterns of users, the lack of distributed locking might cause one user's update to override another user's update. If the collaboration is such that end users are not writing to the same files simultaneously, this most likely would not be an issue.
What's wrong with this picture?  At some instant, be it a "collaboration scenario" or not, I might have 2 or more users looking at and even trying to change the same file.  Usually, one gets the "This file is in use by another user... Open read-only copy?" dialog.  Is this piece of drama telling me that while I use DFS and FRS this "Open read-only?" dialog might not appear?  Or might not function correctly?  Heck, at any instant of everyday use there is probabalistically a few users wrangling over rights to the same file!  Reduced to the absurd, this statement implies that DFS and FRS are good only for single-user systems?

Tell me it ain't so!  400 points for potential brain damage while thinking about this.
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I have never tested or tried this myself, but you got me interested so I did some research.  Also found this from a MS Chat session:

"Jill Zoeller--MSFT (Expert):
Q: Is there a mechanism in the DFS Replication such that either a file in two different locations show locked when one user has it open or some method beyond last save overwrites other changes made since the file was opened?
A: No, DFS Replication does not have distributed file locking. However, we do save conflicted files in subfolder named Conflict and Deleted, but this folder is purged periodically, so you will need to check this folder for conflicts on each member. An event will also be logged (4412) when conflicts occur."

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admn4tndcAuthor Commented:
Good work bwalker1.  Will ponder the cosmic significance over the weekend.  Not clear under which conditions I might force a 4412 event versus the DFS Replication just stepping on User#1's recent changes.  Either way it's not a pretty picture.
admn4tndcAuthor Commented:
I am going to limit the FRS to just synchronizing the two disk systems. Then change the mappings and abandon the FRS when the newer ,larger computer is serving up the file system.
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