Ifolder - Login failed ... LDAP server down?

I have a NWSB6.03 Site running Ifolder 1.01.
I am trying to login to ifolder via
I have tried every combo I can think of and nothing works. I don't see any errors on the logs except about favicon.ico missing.
Its likely an LDAP problem, but I can ping the ldap server specified in the F:\Apache\iFolder\Server\httpd_additions_nw.conf file.
The admin is "admin" that file, and the context is o=rji-org.

What can I do for additional troubleshooting?

I have stopped and started Ifolder, restarted the server, etc etc..

Also we reinstalled ifolder and now despite picking english in the language dialog box, its in spanish? how to resovle?
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If it's an LDAP issue, I'd think you'd see LDAP errors somewhere...  Did you see any error in particular on the client side when the logins failed? (not in a log)

It seems that we have another problem now too.  Your reinstall messed up the localization somehow.

Did you reinstall iFolder 1.01 from the original install set, or did you download a NW6.0 SP3 overlay to do the reinstall from?

If from the original install set, did you re-apply SP3?

Have you considered applying SP5 (the last SP for NW6.0?)  If you do, download both the SP and the overlay image, so any product installs from the CD can be done with the current version so you don't need to reapply the SP.
You might find this general iFolder troubleshooting TID helpful: http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?10066752.htm

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networknAuthor Commented:
Ok fixed it!

Your suggestion of the iFolder Troubleshooting Documents helped a little but it really was a LDAP problem.

Firstly DNS on the Server was borked, needed fixed and a restart. Basically you need, from the browser console
to be able to ping the hostname in the nw_additions file, secondly by default 636 is the port ifolder tries to connect to,
and 636 wasn't listening, so I changed it to 389 and restarted Ifolder (stopifolder.ncf, startifolder.ncf).

Now I just need to fix the language issue. I am suspecting I need to copy the files from the documentroot of another english server
to this server, but I wanted to check..
networknAuthor Commented:
Yes it is.  On the server under apache\ifolder\DocumentRoot\html all the
.htm files are the Spanish ones.  Looking on the overlay CD I found
products\ifolder\IFOLD_DE.ZIP and IFOLD_EN.ZIP.  It's as if it unzipped the
Wrong one instead of the EN one.  I've unzipped the EN on on my desktop and ran
the iFolderClient from there and now that's in english. Copying those files over seems to have resolved the issue.

Thats it guys thanks very much for your help.
I am having the same issue and I too thought it was the Port number, I'm fairly new to Novell and would like to know how you changed the port for ifolder_ldap01.I tried to change it in the properties using Console one but my changes do not appear in the iFolder management screen. I restarted iFolder but do I have to restart the whole server to make the changes take effect? Is there a way to restart the LDAP server or should I just restart Apache? Any help would be great! Thanks!
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