Kernel error on FD4 with RAID card

I am trying to install Fedora Core 4 on this system:

Pentium 4 1.4Ghz
Rocket RAID 133 controller card
150GB IDE drive-->jumpered as master
2 X 400GB Seagate Barracuda IDE

I want to install FC4 with software RAID, but the following error is returned after initializing setup:


-Then the system hangs. If I remove the controller card/400GB drives, there is no problem with FC4 installation.
-I do not get this error when installing RedHat 9.

Can anyone tell me how to avert this error w/FC4? Thank you in advance.
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It may be a problem specifically with the 2.6 kernel.  You could install without the card, then add the 2.4 kernel (not included with FC4, I believe).  

But you probably want to install without card instead, then add and use these drivers, they include compile instructions:

Note: if you have a 133s, go here instead:

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tjtresselAuthor Commented:
As a novice Linux user, messing with the kernel would not be a good idea. With the FC5 release in March, do you think I will see the same problem?

I will try to update drivers after the OS is installed as a last resort because it won't be an easy task for me. Would I then have to build the soft RAID array afterwards? Will this be a hard task for a novice?
It might be fixed, but I think it's a problem with proprietory drivers.  

Building highpoint's drivers and installing everything should be doable, although a challenge.  I did it several years ago without much experience.  It was frustrating, but I did it.  I would try it and just post any questions here.
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