3rd party Windows XP WiFi interface replacement?

I am setting up a few laptops on my WAP usign 128bit WEP and I am looking for a 3rd party replacement utility for the windows XP WiFi connection utility.  Unfortunately, the WinXP GUI does not let you wenter a passcode, just a KEY.

I like the Belkin Wireless Networking utility that came with the one PCMCIA WiFi card that I bought, but the utility will not install without the Belkin drivers, which obviously won't install or work without the Belkin card....  I like this utility because the screens are intuative, and it lets you EASILY configure preferred WAPs with passcodes instead of KEYs.

I understand that the Key generation from the passcode is unique to the manufacturer of the WAP.  Are there any 3rd party utilities out there that can replace the Windows XP GUI and generate keys from passcodes given a known brand of wap?  it is just so hard to enter a WEP key when you can't cut & paste into the field.

The IBM 43 that I have will "sort of" not connect even when given the correct key.  It says that it does not connect, but it gets out to the net just fine.... unless you disconnect & try to reconnect.  Then you are hosed.

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Just for security's sake, might I suggest you use WPA instead of WEP? Not a very hard system to crack.

You're using an IBM? Download Access Connections from the IBM/Lenovo website. You might have to update your network card's drivers first tho. You can also download the Software Installer, which acts like Windows Update for IBM/Lenovo machines. It's really more of a profile based program, but at least you can store your key and stuff. AND it's not that damn Windows thing.

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Actually, once you have established that you plan to use WPA protocols instead of the very unsecure WEP encryption system, the new Windows Zero utility is pretty easy and feature enriched to work with. After SP2 on XP the Wireless utility changed a ton, but if you are using the SP2 wireless zero already than I may be wasting my breath.

If not, you can put it in place after performing the SP2 update on XP. Then you will want to perform the Microsoft update to make it WPA compatible http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=009D8425-CE2B-47A4-ABEC-274845DC9E91&displaylang=en.

Your hardware of course will need to support WPA which includes your wireless card, if it does not currently, you can often update firmware or drivers to add WPA support. Hope this helps.

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cef_soothsayerAuthor Commented:

You're right, the WPA protos with PSK are MUCH easier to use than tryign to force windows to recognise the WAPs psk on WEP rather than using the hex keys.

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cef_soothsayerAuthor Commented:

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