Blue screen after reciving a fax


For long time I was using WINFAX for my fax.

But WINFAX, and other fax programs, doesn't want to recive faxes on my 4 monthes computer.

On incoming call, the modem is answering, reciving the fax and crash the PC at the end.

Sending is OK.

I have tried few fax programs, all the same problem.

Only XP internal fax program can reccive faxes without a  problem.

I have ULed a DMP log. maybe it can help.

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Your windows is crashed at es56tpi.sys which is the modem driver. You only provide a minidump. If you provide 5 to 6 minidumps and they are crashed at es56tp1.sys, it is software error at the modem driver. Otherwise it crashes at different modules, it may related to faulty ram.

BugCheck 1000000A, {ffdf, 2, 1, 806e4a8e}
Probably caused by : es56tpi.sys ( es56tpi+5f1db )

The premlimary finding is modem driver and the modem driver is at year 2001 which 4 years behind.

es56tpi.sys  Thu Aug 30 00:54:44 2001 (3B8D1E54)

dor4xAuthor Commented:

I have put some more dumps.

This modem drivers are the "latest" from ES56.

If the problem is from the modem. Are there any "general" drivers to try?
dor4xAuthor Commented:
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Could you please have a look in control panel administrative tools event viewer applications and what are the last couple of errors Red circles yu have there.
Could you paste them here as those numbers can help identify problems as well.
dor4xAuthor Commented:
The event ID for all cases is "1517"

Was this what you were looking for?
All the system crashes are caused by es56tpo1.sys and I believe that it is software error of the modem device driver. Maybe it is conflicit with some of your new device driver. When do you start to have the blue screen? Try last known good configuration to de-install the latest change. If it still crashes, you  have to install a new modem. You also have to check the temperature of the CPU to make sure that it is not overheat.

Mini020406-01.dmp BugCheck 1000000A, {ffdf, 2, 1, 806e4a8e}
Probably caused by : es56tpi.sys ( es56tpi+5f1db )

Mini020406-02.dmp BugCheck 1000000A, {bab5, 2, 1, 806e4a8e}
Probably caused by : es56tpi.sys ( es56tpi+5f1db )

Mini021006-01.dmp BugCheck 1000000A, {ffdf, 2, 1, 806e4a8e}
Probably caused by : es56tpi.sys ( es56tpi+5f1db )

Mini122505-02.dmp BugCheck 1000000A, {bab5, 2, 1, 806e4a8e}
Probably caused by : es56tpi.sys ( es56tpi+4a085 )

Mini122505-03.dmp BugCheck 1000000A, {ffdf, 2, 1, 806e4a8e}
Probably caused by : es56tpi.sys ( es56tpi+4a085 )

Mini122505-04.dmp BugCheck 1000000A, {ffdf, 2, 1, 806e4a8e}
Probably caused by : es56tpi.sys ( es56tpi+4a085 )

Mini122505-05.dmp BugCheck 1000000A, {ffdf, 2, 1, 806e4a8e}
Probably caused by : es56tpi.sys ( es56tpi+4a085 )

dor4xAuthor Commented:
The modem is working OK (reciving and sending faxes) with the internal XP fax program.

I don't think it ever worked with WINFAX on this configuration.

I'll try to look for another modem to try it.

thanks for the event id 1517 you must have some problems outside of your fax.
Is your computer running very slow? Or slow to log off start up?

one main cause for event id 1517
Frequently, a driver or application leaks registry handles, which means the driver or application opens the registry but doesn't close it. The open registry isn't a problem until you log off, when the profile of the logged-on user tries to unload the user's registry but fails because it's still in use. An open registry connection is a major problem if you use roaming profiles; because the system can't unload your profile, Windows can't copy it back to the profile storage server. If the system doesn't unload your profile, when you log on the next day you'll receive an error stating that your local profile is newer than your remote profile. Typically, with this problem an administrator will see event ID 1517, 1524, or 1500 in the event logs.

Microsoft provides a service called UPHClean, which checks for leaked connections to the registry and cleans them up, thereby letting a user's profile unload cleanly so Windows can copy it back to the remote profile storage area. You can download UPHClean at Web site. Your best option is to download file UPHClean-Setup.msi, which you can then deploy through Group Policy or--if you need to deploy UPHClean on a large scale--Systems Management Server (SMS). You need Administrator privileges to install UPHClean interactively. I've used UPHClean many times, and it has always fixed the profile-locking problems.

User Profile Hive Cleanup Service
Hi dor4x,
Some questions
You did not mention what version of winfax are you using
this is a version that was installed on an older computer
didi this version ship with the  modem you're using
or you just had the program from an old computer and you're trying to use it with the new.
IF you're able to send and receive faxes using the windows fax service then
the problem is probably with your version of winfax not handling correctly the modem you have installed
You have one of three options if this is the case
1) remove your winfax program if it is more than one year old and get the latest version
2) see on the winfax homepage if there are any updates, bug fixes or patches that you've not downloaded
3) remove an reinstall the drivers for your fax/modem

As you can use it correctly with Windows fax application i really do not think option 3 is going to help you much

BOTA-XSenior DeveloperCommented:
Try disabling the serial ports, reinstall the fax modem, and see if it gets a different IRQ.  Who knows what it could be sharing with...
dor4xAuthor Commented:

I will should get for testing another modem in 1-2 days for testing.

I have tried several times to remove and reinstall WINFAX. no good..

I habe also tired several times to remove and reinstall the modem's drivers.

As I really don't like the XP FAX program i have tried some other fax programs too. I am getting the blus screen with other programs too! so I guess it is not just a WINFAX problem.

If you have any other recommanded fax program for me to try, I'll be glad.

Merete : I will try your link soon and let you know if it helps. thanks.
this little clip I found browsing tips on Winfax and xp and BSOD errors using it.
From what I have read Winfax seems to require certain modems for compatibilty.

Symantec WinFax Pro 10 Program is incompatible with Windows XP. Upgrade to WinFax Pro 10.02 ($50).1

Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2001 Program is incompatible with Windows XP. Download the application compatibility update from Windows Update (compatibility not verified by product manufacturer) or upgrade to Norton AntiVirus 2002 ($30).1

ZoneAlarm Pro Some versions block all Internet access or cause the computer to reboot spontaneously.  Update to version 2.6.357 or later by clicking the Configure button and then Check for Updates.  

WinFax PRO and WinFax Basic Edition compatibility with Windows XP 
Comments for WinFax PRO
dor4xAuthor Commented:

I have upgraded to 10.04 and replaced the modem.

 no good :-(
If you still get the blue screen, attach the latest minidumps at the webspace.
dor4xAuthor Commented:

I have ULed today's minidumps.

I think the first 2 files are after I have upgraded my WINFAX and the last one is with the 2nd modem.

BugCheck 1000000A, {ffdf, 2, 1, 806e4a8e}
Probably caused by : es56hpi.sys ( es56hpi+8c455 )

Your windows still crashes at your new modem driver but it is 4 years old.

es56hpi.sys  Fri Oct 26 07:22:47 2001 (3BD89EC7) <-- Modem Driver is 4 years behind

ae5dcb08 804eebb0 ae5dcb28 b2ea7455 ae5dcb30 hal!KeAcquireQueuedSpinLock+0x42
ae5dcb10 b2ea7455 ae5dcb30 89d671b8 89d670e8 nt!IoAcquireCancelSpinLock+0xe
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
ae5dcb28 80544421 89d670e8 00000002 89d67001 es56hpi+0x8c455
ae5dcb74 b718810c 89d3e0f0 89d3e0e8 00000000 nt!KeSynchronizeExecution+0x21
ae5dcb88 b718740b ae5dcbc8 804eeeb1 89d67000 Modem!UniGetNextIrp+0x42
ae5dcbc8 b7188096 89d3e0e8 89d3e030 001b0048 Modem!UniMaskStarter+0x255
ae5dcbe0 b71884fe 89d3e0e8 89d3e0f0 889e5008 Modem!UniStartOrQueue+0x5e
ae5dcc0c b7186a6f 89d3e030 889e5008 88b017f0 Modem!UniSniffOwnerSettings+0xea
ae5dcc40 804eeeb1 89d3e030 889e5008 806e4410 Modem!UniIoControl+0x607
ae5dcc50 8057e680 889e50c0 89f81db8 889e5008 nt!IopfCallDriver+0x31
ae5dcc64 8057f4e3 89d3e030 889e5008 89f81db8 nt!IopSynchronousServiceTail+0x60
ae5dcd00 80578038 000002b4 00000000 72001d1a nt!IopXxxControlFile+0x5c5
ae5dcd34 8054060c 000002b4 00000000 72001d1a nt!NtDeviceIoControlFile+0x2a
ae5dcd34 7c90eb94 000002b4 00000000 72001d1a nt!KiFastCallEntry+0xfc
02bcfb60 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0x7c90eb94
dor4xAuthor Commented:
The drivers  are the latest drivers I could find.
wow that is sad. You certainly have hung in there dor4x
I dont know what else to suggest.

WinFax Pro 10.0
System Requirements
     Processor: Pentium
Operating System: Windows 2000, 98, 95 or Windows NT Workstation 4.0
Memory: 32 MB RAM (64 recommended)
Hard Disk Space: 57MB
Video Requirements: VGA video capable of running 257 colors
Modem: Class 1, Class 2 or Class 2.0, CAS-compatible or fax-capable CAPI 2.0 ISDN board
Fax sharing: Network configured with TCP/IP

Only started happening since your new computer.
When you first installed this winfax did you have any problems installing it such as warnings? Like installing this is not recomended by windowsxp?

Winfax integrates with  MS office ? Do you have MS office installed and updated?

Winfax se FAQ

The Windows XP-Based Fax Service Does Not Transfer Incoming Faxes to Your Inbox in Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002
This article was previously published under Q311794
You cannot use the Windows XP-based Fax service to transfer incoming faxes into your Inbox in Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002.
This behavior occurs because Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) for the Fax service is not supported on computers that are running Windows XP. On Windows XP-based computers, you can send faxes only to a folder in which the fax is saved as a fax file.
To work around this behavior: 1. When you are prompted to specify routing options for incoming faxes, click the option to store a copy of the fax in a folder, and then locate a folder in which you want to store the faxes.
2. Start either Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002.
3. On the File menu, point to New, and then click Mail Message.
4. Attach the fax file to the message. To do this, click File on the Insert menu, and then locate and click the file to attach it to the message.
5. Send the message to yourself or to the fax recipient.

This behavior is by design.
For additional information about how to configure the Fax service, click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
227194 ( How to Configure Windows 2000 to Send and Receive Faxes
• Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
• Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition
• Microsoft Outlook 2002 Standard Edition
• Microsoft Outlook 2000 Standard Edition

dor4xAuthor Commented:

I have changed t oa 3rd modem, USR, and install it on another PCI slot, so now it is using a diffrenet IRQ then the "old" modem.

Again. I was getting crash (blue screen). This time even before the FAX was recived.

I am sute the crash is connected this time to the USR modem......

What can cause a conflict with 3 modems??????

Your latest minidump is crahed with different symptom. The failing module is HSF_USR.sys.  I search google and I can't any related hits relating system crash. I find out your windows install ZoneAlarm and your version is reported to cause various blue screen. De-install ZoneAlarm and install another firewall will resolve your problem.

Refer the following case

BugCheck 1000007E, {c0000005, b4816112, bad7fc3c, bad7f938}
Probably caused by : HSF_USR.sys ( HSF_USR+47112 )

Can you attach Mini022006-01.dmp and Mini022006-02.dmp at webspace? More minidumps  provide more accurate finding.
dor4xAuthor Commented:

Hi and thanks for your reply.
 Mini022006-01.dmp and Mini022006-02.dmp are reports with my ESS modem. Only is with my new USR modem.

HSF_USR.sys is the driver of the USR modem (US ROBOTICS)

This crash is different because this is the first time I am using this modem. (brand new! I have just bought it yesterday for my FAX testing)

As for ZoneAlarm. I have installed it few days ago, because I thought I have a Torjan hourse.. The Blue screen fax problem was with the last 2 modems too, when ZoneAlarm was not installed..

I am sute the crash is connected this time to the USR modem......
What can cause a conflict with 3 modems??????

3 modems? That has to be the problem. Take out the other two and use only the one with the fax service, set it as default.

Uninstall all three remove all three.. Then install only one
Grabbing  at straws here lol..
dor4xAuthor Commented:

I didn't use 3 modems on the same time.

I have tried 3 different modems. each time only 1 was installed.

I have tried 3 different modems to make sure it is not modem hardware problem.

lol oops fair enough, it did sound like you may have had thre modems plugged it.
Have you checked the devices for how many modems maybe still installed in >> safemode dor4x ?

Sometimes uninstalling re-installing may cause the previous modem to leave  some files which can corrupt the next. Safe mode offers an option to chech devices while windows is using minimal resources thereby freeing any hardware that maybe being used and cannot uninstall correctly. Unpower your machine as in pull out the power plug, remove your modem physically form the computer and any faxes if these are an extra card, sorry dont know what you have there..
Have the modem cd drivers or floppy handy.

to boot to safemode.> tap f8 continously when you first boot.
choose safemode from the advanced options screen  and log onto xp your account if asked for a passwordd simply press enter do not insert  any as it will just bypass it.
r/click my computer properties hardware device manager.
Uninstall any and all modems devices listed.
apply and ok, shutdown.
Reboot with out the modems.
once your windows has finished loading check devices that there is no modems listed now. If there is still a modem and you have none connected uninstall this reference.
reboot again to clear the cache.
now your computer should be cear of all modems.
Insert your default modem install disc and install the drivers first.
once done shutdown: unpower the machine, replace your modem card ensure it is tight fit: laying the tower on the side is really a precise way to insert any cards, you will hear a click when it is sitting correctly.
 power in again, make sure that the cable you are using is clean any marks or grime on the bars will prevent the modem from functioning correctly.
 Npw reboot: windows will detect your modem and automaticaly install it as you have already installed the drivers.
Remove the cd.
Good Luck
Another idea just came to me, uninstall winafx allongside this clearing out process from safemode.
So that there is no modems no winfax everything is gone.
Does your computer have an onboard modem?
You may have disable this modem in the bios.
It may well corrupt any card modems added if it is still active.
In services disable the windowsxp fax service.
Now you should be clean.
dor4xAuthor Commented:

No onboard modem.

I have tried several time to remove and reinstall WINFAX.


I really don't know what to do..
How much is the different between this computer and your old  dor4x as in what windows versions sp1 ?sp2
Has this winfax expired ??
Is your modem line  cable correct if you can send faxes but not receive?
Is the adapter on the wall clean no mold or dirt on the connectors.
Try a new cable.
As you have tried several modems it maybe the line cable is not right? Is it in the right place on the tower?
Does these modems work on another computer in the same house different line in?

How to integrate WinFax PRO 10.02 and Outlook 2002 on a limited basis

How To How to Configure Outlook 2000 or a MAPI E-mail Client to Receive Windows 2000 Fax Service Messages

Unfortunately, Windows XP Fax has proven to be incompatible with many common
modems and drivers, particularly older ones, even if the manufacturers claim
they are "compatible" with Windows XP. Modem incompatibility is not apparent
during installation or the initial setup. It only becomes apparent when you
first try to send or receive a fax. The Fax Service will dial or will answer
an incoming fax but then fail with any no error messages. There will be
nothing in Event Viewer to give a clue as to where the problem might lie.

These errors have been nearly impossible to track down. To do so requires
enabling both PSS and debug logging of fax transmissions, both of which
require fairly extensive registry changes. For the time being, the best
advice is to attempt to use XP Fax only if you have a modem that is listed
on the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List and using the latest drivers.
Does your psu meet your system requirements?
I think merete should get the points since he spent a lot of time going with this question
and the final solution depended on getting more feedback from the person who asked the question
thank you TOPIO :)

dor4x  please respect my time to help you and come back let us know how your progress is and if any helped.
Or at least finalise this post. Thanks.
dor4xAuthor Commented:

I really respect your time Merete! I know you spent lot of time.

I am afrid the problem was not solved..

Few months ago I have gave my points to someone, just for his efford, and then I was asked by the user to ask for pointd refound, since points are for solutions..

"That's very kind of you but this isn't going to fly here. Random is not the goal here, future
users reading the thread can click on "See Solution" and the solution here is not an answer.
I suggest you go to Community Support here and request a points refund..."

by: "spiderfix"  Date: 08/12/2005 03:44PM PDT

I have tried 3 different modems with the lateast WINFAX 10.04. no good.
I have tried these modems on another PC (Also XP PRO SP2) and they worked fine! Just not on my PC..
I can recive and send faxes with the XP internal FAX program.

Merete: If you want the points, I can give them to you. The problem was not solved..

thanks dor4x  my services here are free and points is the only payment reward if you like, it is your way of thanking me for my time, however if you feel inclined not to award any points to any EE that is fine with me. Truely.
I cannot speak for others.
My disapointment mainly lies in the fact these posts are simply left abandoned, you come in ask for help and then just leave.. if you could kindly ask for a refund and close the question great ..
It is like going into a shop and closing the door when you leave.
Best wishes Merete

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dor4xAuthor Commented:
I have tried FaxTalk, and it is working OK!

I can't understand why it doesn't work with my WinFax..

Merete: Thanks again for your time
I can appreciate your frustration recently had another with the same probs appearing on EE
thank you for the points you really are wellcome wish we could find a solution so here is my last offer that I found later ;)

57 MB of free disk space (for complete installation)
VGA video (256-color minimum)
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Class 1, Class 2, Class 2.0, or CAS-compatible fax modem; or fax-capable CAPI 2.0/G3 ISDN board
Network configured for TCP/IP protocols with DCOM 1.3 or higher
How to integrate WinFax PRO 10.02 and Outlook 2002 on a limited basis

and thats it.
Good Luck dor4x
best wishes
Merete :)
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