Browse Active Directory in Windows Server 2003

Hie Guys

 I am so much used to run Windows NT domains where if you what to browse to a share document in the network you just go to My Network Places and you browse the entire network which will shows the workgroups then on opening shows list of computers in the workgroup. On opening the computer name you see the shared folders on that computer. This setup worked very well for me.

Now my problem is on Windows 2003.
I have my domain running on Windows server 2003. I have created my Organisational Units in such a way that each department will have its own OU. Now I need a way of searching my network for shared folders. I would prefer to browse then see a list of my OUs, then on opening the OU I either see the computers or the shared folders.

Is this possible. Or can Someone tell me the best method that I can Implement so that my users can easily share files by themselves.

Thank you.

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If you do this..

Then open My Network Places

On the left pane is a "Search Active Directory" Function

Here you can search by OU etc...

I have found that searching by OU you can indeed find the OU, but it doesn't let you open it, just view its properties.

A better thing I have done is add the shares you want to the OU... In AD Users and Computers
Right click in the left pane of the OU
New -> SHare and add the computer share

Here you can add keywords, who manages the share etc.

Then your users can use the My Network Computers -> Seach Active Directory to look for shares easier.


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nyathimAuthor Commented:
Bill, It seems we are going there. I want to clarify a few things with you.

It seems For me to share a Folders I need to perform two steps. One is to Share the folders and give permissions from the client machine. The second one is to Publish the shared folder in the Active directory. To me this is cumbersome. Is there a way I would Share a folder from a client machine and automatically Publish it in the Directory as the procedure of adding a printer does. Or is there a reason why Microsoft implemented it this way. Please send me site links supporting this if any.


Unfortunately everything I have read says you have to do it manually...

DFS may be a solution for you

The only problem I see you possibly having, is if these shares are on XP machines, you may start getting errors if you exceed the 10 connection limit that XP has imposed.

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