Panic on Server startup with transaction logging


I recently updated my Server from 5.0.12 to 7.0 and every thing worked fine for about 1 week.
Suddenly the server stops with no log entry, as I restarted the server the he wrote "too many crashes"!
So I tried to restart it again severral times with no success, I still recieved the same error message.

As it was recommende on this site I renamed the "\logdir" and started it again, now it seems to work.

And now here is the question:

It is possible to write the "not written" files from the Old Logdir into the databases without damaging the
new added files.

It is also possible without a problem to deactivate the "transaction logging"

Thanks for the help

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Turning off transaction logging shouldnot be a problem, but I would read the Admin Help first, and check the IBM site for known issues.

As for getting the old tr4ansactions incorporated, I would contact IBM directly if there is no info in the Admin help or on the IBM site.

I hope this helps !

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These two articles have some additional information about why you might have gotten the panic error for transaction logging:

The second article touches a bit on your question about adding the "not written" files.

This one explains in detail how to set up and recover logs.. they suggest restoring from a backup, also they say that if you rename the folder or the .txn (which happens when you remove the folder) then data may be lost..

"If .txn files are renamed, or a directory renamed where .txn files reside, it is possible that data will be lost. Since the server is not looking at the original .txn files for restart recovery to redo/undo's complete or partial transactions, any data from a completed transaction not yet applied to a database will not be restored."


See if any of these help you.
mapi_spAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help. I turned transaction logging off. The mistake I made, was that the
logfile was on the same physical drive as the data dir. Every thing was OK for the last
2 years, but OK it happend.

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