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I have actually a project, which requirement is that wireless network to be made in 500 meters area. Now which company devices would be better for this area. And do we need any antenna?
And if multiple floors then what is better.
Hope to get complete information regarding this project.


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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
OK the Linksys routers have many options for external antenas so they would be your best option for routers.

You would need a main router, and many access points across your area (I can't tell you how many, as that depends on the range of the router you purchas)

I would have a main router/access point per flore and have them connected VIA wired network.

Best idea is to get a map of your site that shows distance, and draw circles on it representing the range of the wireless access points, you want over lap...
Let's think about the total package here.

You have at least a 500 meter area to cover on a single floor, with the possiblity of needing access on multiple floors. It is possible to have seperate connections running to additional switches on other floors if needed, but this is usually not the easiest routed to connect a multi AP (Access Point) infrastructure.

You will need to test your signal quality floor to floor before going out and purchasing to much hardware. Simple to do, just put a common Wireless G router in place and travel with a wireless laptop to the floors above and below testing signal qualtiy if any in various locations. You may also want to take note of these spots that carry the best signal for use when you deploy your AP's during the install.

As long as you get decent signal 40% or better at any point, you should be in business and your install should be a rather easy one.

Next, a wireless G network will commonly transmit 200 meters indoors without to much interferance such as insulated, or concrete/brick walls. This in mind, you should be able to reach your intended coverage area with two routers per floor. You will want these split evenly on the floor with about 150 meters between them. That leaves 175 meters to cover on each side and a decent 25 meter cushion for added signal strength without traveling too far outside of your building.

This should be the method you use on each additional floor needing coverage. Preferably with each AP directly above or below another.

Next, hardware:
You cannot use a basic wireless G router, as it needs to be able to connect to additional wireless AP's forming a bridge. I would suggest something like the new D-Link Airplus Extreme: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=6759849&type=product&id=1088680027519. This has all the options you would need to configure your wireless network for a multipoint to point infrastructure.

You will want to also purchase additional antenna's for added length to pertrude from your ceiling tiles, and to add additional signal quality. Something like these should do fine: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=6716814&type=product&id=1083714522764.

This should be pretty well outlined in the manuals but to sum things up, you need to configure one AP as a multipoint to point router, and allow it to DHCP IP addresses to each user. Each additional router will be setup to bridge connections to the main router. They don't need to reach it directly, just to receive signal from any wireless that is connected to it.

That should pretty much wrap it up, if you should need any additional help, I also provide phone support for assistance, or if your near enough, or have a large enough project am willing to travel onsite for assistance.

Best Wishes,
Secure Foundations Tech.
(918) 794-HELP

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How important is security?

You might want to consider Cisco's AP1230 offering. They have external antennas if required and come equiped with dual radios 802.11a/g (54Mb) and 802.11a (108Mb). They also support every authenitcation method under the sun. ie WPA, WPA2, 802.1x, AES, TKIP, etc. and give your users the ability to roam from AP to AP with dropping the connection.

The cisco AP's come at a price obviously, but if security is paramount, you can look past them. In not then the Linksys offerings are very good value as the others have said.

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batman9Author Commented:
Actually security is important but cost is also important here. I am looking into this, as soon as I get more info from client, I will update and get more info.

Thanks for the info provided.

Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Then check out the D-Links, they are made by CISCO, and also have external antenas.  Also CISCO has a trade up program, where you can later trade your D-Link for CISCO.
batman9Author Commented:
D-link is made by CISCO?, but according to my knowledge D-link is different and linksys is owned by CISCO. Can you provide me details pls.
That was my understandign too? DLink and Netgear often use the same internals. That's all I'm aware of.... Could be wrong though :)
Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
I'm sorry, I had a D-Link CD sitting in front of me so my mind was thinking D-Link yes it is Linksys that is made by CISCO.
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