2 wireless questions (dropping out and seeing other names?)

My wife has a Tecra 8100 laptop using a Trendnet wireless card and Win2000.
We have a Viewsonic wireless router. My computer is connected to the router via cable and I never have any problems.
My wife's computer using the wireless has times where she sees a message about "network cable unplugged". The little green light is out. Then it comes back on in about 10 seconds and it works. The problem is that it will do this every 20 to 60 seconds and continue for a while, then everything will work fine for a while.

Also, (2nd question). When using the wireless utility (not sure if it's windows or trendnet) to set up the card, there is a section to search. When we do this, we see not only our own router but sometimes a device called "Ricky232" with a MAC address (it is not always there). Is this some else's router? If so, is this a danger?

when using that same utility, all network "measurements" appear good (the thing that shows signal strength, etc..).

Any ideas?


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Its possible that there are several issues that could be causing this problem.  The other wireless device that you are seeing (Ricky232) could be using the same wireless channel that your wireless device is using which is most likely the cause of the problem you are experiencing.  The only other things that I can think of that would cause this would be faulty hardware or some weird authentication settings that might be present.  With 802.11b/g there are 3 non-overlapping channels 1, 6 and 11.  Try changing the channel your device operates at to one of these channels and see if that helps out the issue at hand.  If it doesnt, then there might be faulty hardware or there is some sort of RF interference that is causing this to happen.

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have you checked for a driver update for your wifes machine, this kind of behaviour can often be driver related also, check your event logs for driver notifications, they may not appear as errors but as notifications

Ricky232 could be anything, as long as you have security enabled on your wireless you should be ok
jeffrey_m_scharpfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses. I will check the drivers and also the channels.

no worries let us know
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